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  1. Theophilus 2K21

    Theophilus 2K2120 minutes ago

    Cough* Cough*

  2. Pvt Draco

    Pvt Draco10 hours ago


  3. Monte Monte

    Monte Monte11 hours ago

    Get this nigga ta 1 mil

  4. D'Sean Neal

    D'Sean Neal13 hours ago

    Twin should’ve had his gun he was talkin on that ps4 mayne that shit get me geeked up fr


    FUKDA SYSTEM13 hours ago


  6. David LaPerriere

    David LaPerriere15 hours ago


  7. That SI Kid

    That SI Kid15 hours ago

    Goat 🔥🔥

  8. Gold Wristss

    Gold Wristss15 hours ago

    Stop playin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Gold Wristss

    Gold Wristss15 hours ago

    Stop playin wit this man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Alex Lee

    Alex LeeDay ago

    Can you drop headshot on USlikes

  11. Trae Cheese

    Trae CheeseDay ago

    Foolio went dumb on this bih

  12. Rg_editzz collins

    Rg_editzz collinsDay ago

    They caught the nigga big dawg fr

  13. Hef Lotto

    Hef LottoDay ago

    Did lil poody post the same beat modified for “Batman” 2021

  14. David harris-bey

    David harris-beyDay ago

    who they trying to kill?

  15. Emoney TV

    Emoney TVDay ago


  16. zaemoney

    zaemoney2 days ago

    watched yo own momma cry adn u aint get nothing wacked

  17. Laci'sha Stephens

    Laci'sha Stephens2 days ago

    One of my favs keep it up G.

  18. Life is to short got to be optimistic

    Life is to short got to be optimistic2 days ago


  19. resandor

    resandor2 days ago

    Got fckn damn! Who tf is this dude?!! Never heard of him but folks went tf off!

  20. Bando Crawl

    Bando Crawl2 days ago

    Soulja aint snitch but they beefin

  21. Zertify

    Zertify2 days ago

    Niggas on here sayin they smokin somebody they don’t even know smh

  22. Alexander Arthurs

    Alexander Arthurs2 days ago


  23. yoOxz

    yoOxz2 days ago

    claim your here before a million ticket


    JDDREWINDUVAL2 days ago

    They say : Someone got shot Me: Foolio did it

  25. Miilu Lund

    Miilu Lund3 days ago

    Damn... I got goosebumps watching this

  26. TJ

    TJ3 days ago

    Best one


    FLIPPAMEEZY4 days ago


  28. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith4 days ago

    When dis going be out on tiktok im trying to make a video to dis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  29. ronny logan

    ronny logan4 days ago

    Foolio fire 🔥🔥🔥

  30. 4k Falcons

    4k Falcons4 days ago

    rip to the homies who died waiting for this to drop

  31. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix4 days ago

    Real shit how can anyone with ears that work deny Foolio better then Ace singing ass atp fa real

  32. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix4 days ago

    This tape slap fr man

  33. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix4 days ago

    This should be next vid

  34. Dean Angelo

    Dean Angelo4 days ago

    Why y'all in da bathroom together ina motel🤣 talm bout YB gay😂😂

  35. Life is to short got to be optimistic

    Life is to short got to be optimistic4 days ago


  36. G3hree

    G3hree4 days ago

    Tryna eat yo face😂😂

  37. 6 BLOCKKA

    6 BLOCKKA4 days ago

    This shot goo hard 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Leland everyday Life

    Leland everyday Life4 days ago

    He diss Von and durk trash as fuck somebody getting on yo as

  39. Zacc Brooks

    Zacc Brooks4 days ago

    Bro went hard af on that shiesty shit


    LOVE CHOPPA5 days ago


  41. Br'darion Davis

    Br'darion Davis5 days ago

    I’m still listening to this that nygga foolio hard

  42. Hunxho Brazy

    Hunxho Brazy5 days ago

    “ Nikkas yell my name when shit happen ts real polixe “🤐‼️

  43. Devante Powell

    Devante Powell5 days ago

    One of the best outta Jax Florida shit tbh imo might be the best outta Florida period

  44. DatBotStormzy

    DatBotStormzy5 days ago

    I need the instrumental plz

  45. DC -_-

    DC -_-5 days ago


  46. Z E E

    Z E E6 days ago

    Imagine making all these song and can’t even rap shii funny

  47. Z E E

    Z E E6 days ago

    You gone be famous when ace put you on the new tryna warn you to stop beefing with them you not like that 🤣

  48. Z E E

    Z E E6 days ago

    You ain’t killed nobody yet after you killed ace 3 brothers and ace emitted it but he shook back and kill all your dead homies you better step harder listen to the lyrics you not like that ether and how you blowing up is bc of ace and atk

  49. Z E E

    Z E E6 days ago

    Shii wack dude know ace move to Texas so he want have to kill you know he tryna save your life foolio. Foolio you know you not like that you can’t beef with atk them boys steppa’s you better beef with somebody in your hood Brodie you on level 5 them dudes on level 100

  50. Too fye

    Too fye6 days ago


  51. Too fye

    Too fye6 days ago


  52. Q !

    Q !6 days ago

    "CHI CHI 40 YEARS OLD RUNNING FROM BULLETS LIKE A TEEN" 😂😂😂😭😭😭 chichi to old for that shit 😂😂

  53. Jon Baggem

    Jon Baggem6 days ago

    What we doin fb

  54. Carla Wicks

    Carla Wicks6 days ago

    i raw 6

  55. Jabari kush

    Jabari kush6 days ago

    0:43 where rod wave pop out from

  56. rxspectシ

    rxspectシ6 days ago

    Yungeen Ace Diss🔥

  57. rack racerK

    rack racerK6 days ago

    You ass should not have been dissing now all yo homeboys dying his deadass

  58. rack racerK

    rack racerK6 days ago

    You shou

  59. Isaiah Dickens

    Isaiah Dickens6 days ago

    Man we’re this beat

  60. ernest bell

    ernest bell6 days ago

    The Candy Man,$$$$TRUL!!!!!

  61. Oronde Dixon

    Oronde Dixon6 days ago

    Yo shit banging in Palm Beach County..561✊😈🍾🏝🏝

  62. ManMan TheKid

    ManMan TheKid6 days ago

    “An all the oops like Tyler Perry niggaz be acting to me” fuccin goofy “ 🔥🔥😈

  63. fishy

    fishy7 days ago


  64. T Dillinger

    T Dillinger7 days ago

    22 inside my glock im shooting shit like carl lavert

  65. Haiti Kid

    Haiti Kid7 days ago

    Is he Haitian 🇭🇹??

  66. TJ 1k

    TJ 1k7 days ago

    Dis song still hit 😂💯6️⃣

  67. TJ 1k

    TJ 1k7 days ago

    Dis junk still hard ong😂💯

  68. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix7 days ago

    More gas

  69. CBE Cam Sos

    CBE Cam Sos7 days ago


  70. Quincy Edgecombe

    Quincy Edgecombe7 days ago

    1:26 😂😂😂 not chief keef

  71. SkiRox31

    SkiRox317 days ago

    Make a nigga block hot and its december

  72. jae folk

    jae folk7 days ago

    Been here never left

  73. Fans only

    Fans only8 days ago

    Atk not no kta

  74. It’s NevaehJeleece

    It’s NevaehJeleece8 days ago

    dassit dassall bae 🖤

  75. Trevon Griffin

    Trevon Griffin8 days ago

    This shit so hard man niggas be powered by hate and negativity and get in the booth and lose it.

  76. Rico Perez

    Rico Perez8 days ago

    Still bumping 2021🖤🎱

  77. Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota8 days ago

    Here, choose me and help me, Please... 16/02/2021 o/

  78. Adonis Joe

    Adonis Joe8 days ago

    Will you please make a song with sauce walker or sada baby or tec or Kodak 💯💯 no fake ass niggas like nba

  79. Adonis Joe

    Adonis Joe8 days ago

    Foolio it’s time for do some more collabs

  80. southside

    southside9 days ago

    Thank you case closed... lmao self snitching at all time high