Foolio “Best Of Me” Official Audio


  1. Nick Satcher

    Nick Satcher2 months ago

    The sip

  2. John Givens

    John Givens3 months ago

    this is called “death on me” on soundcloud

  3. kmg_ kaykay

    kmg_ kaykay3 months ago

    Whole album 🔥🔥🔥ain’t have to skip nun

  4. AJ

    AJ4 months ago

    Aye I ain’t expect this kinda singing I Fw it Julio underrated, love from the IE👊🏽🖤

  5. Ikeria Scott

    Ikeria Scott4 months ago

    Just as you would with other people, after saying you are sorry you must ask to be forgiven. There is no special prayer you have to pray to earn forgiveness from God. All you have to do is ask him to forgive you, through Jesus Christ, and believe that he will forgive you.❤️ God bless you all. God loves you and so do I.

  6. DeIaylng Yt

    DeIaylng Yt4 months ago


  7. Masson Saeger

    Masson Saeger4 months ago

    Been waiting 🔥

  8. Pookie Osama

    Pookie Osama4 months ago

    This what I was waiting on boy

  9. Kapxlot Kapxlot

    Kapxlot Kapxlot4 months ago

    Bruh yesssss he droped it istg i been waiting for the longest 🖤🎯

  10. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia4 months ago

    Really goated shouted out peep n juice wrld 🐐real recognize real Im glad bro expanding his sound 🔥🔥🔥

  11. rhyce coe

    rhyce coe4 months ago


  12. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt4 months ago

    Ok den 🔥🔥

  13. Apollify

    Apollify4 months ago

    This whole tape goes dumb hard making me miss all my brothers locked up 🙏🏿 if u reading this stay safe out here yall

  14. WaffleHousegoon

    WaffleHousegoon4 months ago

    im my daddy's son

  15. Red Pit

    Red Pit4 months ago


  16. Red Pit

    Red Pit4 months ago

    This shit go hard you got it

  17. Jacob Bucknell

    Jacob Bucknell4 months ago


  18. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan4 months ago


  19. Fresh Sounds Florida

    Fresh Sounds Florida4 months ago

    I'm feeling this one. Foolio expanding the sound. Love to see it

  20. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero4 months ago

    Who else early? 🔥🤔

  21. OtfMaxx666

    OtfMaxx6664 months ago

    Most Of Y’all Look Like KSOO Fans 🤔

  22. KaiSlime

    KaiSlime4 months ago


  23. Nick Satcher

    Nick Satcher4 months ago

    Keep yo head up bro💯

  24. SheTooRxckless

    SheTooRxckless4 months ago

    My Boii Dropping Heat🖤🔥🔥🔥

  25. 23leaks 2X

    23leaks 2X4 months ago

    Juice wrld 😭

  26. Xotixsz

    Xotixsz4 months ago

    my g uploaded at 1:56 tf but RIP to yah guys

  27. Caleb Perrillioux

    Caleb Perrillioux4 months ago


  28. iconik kazuki 卡蒂

    iconik kazuki 卡蒂4 months ago


  29. laquisha johnson

    laquisha johnson4 months ago

    Why people dizz like

  30. RealOgeee 2x

    RealOgeee 2x4 months ago

    fire 🔥

  31. to_raw marion

    to_raw marion4 months ago

    real fam i’m from florida to

  32. trasta 19

    trasta 194 months ago

    @julio foolio In I'm 21 my glock hold 21🔫💯💯

  33. Will BleedEm

    Will BleedEm4 months ago

    Jitt dropping heat at 2am 😂


    DAVID SMITH4 months ago


  35. Bk xay

    Bk xay4 months ago

    “I’m 21 and my glocc hold 21” 💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  36. Bitch I Do Woo

    Bitch I Do Woo4 months ago


  37. 26 _golive

    26 _golive4 months ago

    A foolio yo ass be slidin Jit keep it up

  38. Get money

    Get money4 months ago


  39. I’m unknown

    I’m unknown4 months ago

    @Killsimps addy??

  40. Zoro

    Zoro4 months ago

    This dat fucka 😈💯

  41. Get money

    Get money4 months ago


  42. laquisha johnson

    laquisha johnson4 months ago

    Death of me

  43. PAIIIN

    PAIIIN4 months ago

    On 6 🔥

  44. 2xkeii 2x

    2xkeii 2x4 months ago

    ESPN shit rest up the guys

  45. I’m unknown

    I’m unknown4 months ago



    EAFAMILY HD4 months ago



    CRXSHOUT_ YT4 months ago


  48. laquisha johnson

    laquisha johnson4 months ago

    Wassup foolio

  49. 2x_heem

    2x_heem4 months ago


  50. ftb promotionz

    ftb promotionz4 months ago


  51. SwayJ

    SwayJ4 months ago

    Real nigga here

  52. Mac Lovings

    Mac Lovings4 months ago

    First 6️⃣🖤🖤🖤🖤

  53. KOS Kashout

    KOS Kashout4 months ago


  54. GB BrickBaBy

    GB BrickBaBy4 months ago

    1st True Fan🕸🦍🦍

  55. Isaac Carrier

    Isaac Carrier4 months ago

    Here before a million

  56. Certified

    Certified4 months ago


  57. maree

    maree4 months ago


  58. Timothy White

    Timothy White4 months ago


  59. Reset

    Reset4 months ago


  60. Polo. Cojakk

    Polo. Cojakk4 months ago

    Yessir 🅱️