NeverWantedTaTalk FT Foolio “ItzUp” Official Video


  1. certified_3xx certified_3xx

    certified_3xx certified_3xx22 days ago

    I got ralo and spazz act a fool in this blunt

  2. LilRondo 4CH

    LilRondo 4CHMonth ago

    Pussy had his firearm but he ain't shoot his gun 🤐💯

  3. Ajgonewang 26

    Ajgonewang 262 months ago

    Free quezz

  4. Ajgonewang 26

    Ajgonewang 262 months ago

    They claim all they opps when they die 😂😂 no 🧢

  5. Shatavious Crosby

    Shatavious Crosby3 months ago

    Slapped Lil Henry In His Shit‼️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. JSLICEツ

    JSLICEツMonth ago

    *lil hairy*

  7. Yoder X_X

    Yoder X_X4 months ago

    Foolio stay naming new dead opps like damn

  8. HopeYouSell

    HopeYouSell4 months ago

    foolio be carrying these niggas .

  9. HedogN

    HedogN4 months ago


  10. Słat-CODM

    Słat-CODM4 months ago

    These gentleman so respectful 🐐🐐

  11. Mr GetmoneyFlims

    Mr GetmoneyFlims4 months ago


  12. Jermaine Wilson

    Jermaine Wilson5 months ago

    Cant think jaydayoungin

  13. OtfMaxx666

    OtfMaxx6665 months ago

    KTA 🏳️🕯🇭🇹 #FreeMookey

  14. Josh Garza

    Josh Garza5 months ago

    Free em

  15. True Saucey Xai

    True Saucey Xai5 months ago

    Jesus Christ is coming back soon open up your heart and accept Jesus as your lord and savior 🙏🏽🌚✝️

  16. ABM _AJAX

    ABM _AJAX5 months ago

    Keep applyin pressure 🎯💪🏾💪🏾 #23k #westjax

  17. Emerson Jackman

    Emerson Jackman5 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥💯Hate he just caught 2 bodies 🤦🏿‍♂️

  18. Y&k Monkey

    Y&k Monkey5 months ago

    I listen this all day

  19. L4⃣ JD

    L4⃣ JD5 months ago

    Free Lil Fefe🧛🏽‍♂️🐊

  20. Tae Sav

    Tae Sav6 months ago

    Foolio hard lol I love the disses 🔥🔥

  21. G Money

    G Money6 months ago

    Bootit up just lika punt dawg snapped lol

  22. itsyaboyzach

    itsyaboyzach6 months ago

    Foolio is my cousin cousin

  23. Reese ur mom

    Reese ur mom6 months ago

    Its not on spotify... rip

  24. DS 00

    DS 006 months ago


  25. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez7 months ago

    Drop the beat

  26. Official_ Aspect_yt

    Official_ Aspect_yt7 months ago

    When is "why would you play wit me" going to come out

  27. Will BleedEm

    Will BleedEm6 months ago


  28. Demar

    Demar7 months ago

    It’s alr out

  29. Danthony Williams

    Danthony Williams7 months ago


  30. Ty

    Ty7 months ago

    "all that faking that you doing that's what happened to whataname"🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    JUMPOUT8 months ago

    Look at the nice polite gentlemen practicing how they will react wen they see an "opp" "lacking"

  32. Trappin

    Trappin8 months ago

    Fuck KTA 😈

  33. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz8 months ago

    Fix your thumbnails half yo shit would be at millions

  34. Luis Lizarazo

    Luis Lizarazo8 months ago

    Bruh dis shi slide so hard 🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  35. LeeK137

    LeeK1378 months ago

    #137Shit #LeeK137 #IssaMob

  36. Gian Hathaway

    Gian Hathaway8 months ago

    This song goes hard asf foolio i give you props

  37. J Prays

    J Prays8 months ago

    She told me to pull up to da crib itz a set up

  38. juniornac1

    juniornac18 months ago

    0:55 “He slapped LIL Henry in his shit” I thought Henry doing life up the road or this a different Henry?


    LiLL SHAYYY8 months ago


  40. Troy McCollum

    Troy McCollum8 months ago

    On Folkss I fw foolio✡️🖤🔱


    LiLL SHAYYY8 months ago

    I fw it 💯🤧

  42. User Name

    User Name8 months ago

    I need sum kta merch

  43. Angelina Robinson

    Angelina Robinson8 months ago

    the long live TK shirt tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Ty

    Ty8 months ago

    With Ace face on it 😂😂😂

  45. Tyrese Daniels

    Tyrese Daniels8 months ago


  46. get your s*** split

    get your s*** split8 months ago

    Y&r Slugga for president !!! 💯👿💪

  47. Get Knocked-_-

    Get Knocked-_-8 months ago

    You getting Better and better QUALITY IS SO FUCKING CLEAR!!

  48. Yung Bellis

    Yung Bellis8 months ago

  49. Yemeli Casilla

    Yemeli Casilla8 months ago

    Like if he underrated asfff🔜🔛🔝

  50. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay8 months ago

    Come on jit u be flagging I hit yo dm bout the ski mask

  51. Robert M

    Robert M8 months ago

    No one is gone go out better den Zion

  52. MaiineFR

    MaiineFR8 months ago

    NeverWantedToTalk BE SNAPPING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. ImNotLikeYall

    ImNotLikeYall6 months ago


  54. Tbk Chi

    Tbk Chi8 months ago

    This video so inspirational what a wonderful group of young men🙏🏾✨

  55. Lul TayTay

    Lul TayTay7 days ago


  56. Mycah Smith

    Mycah Smith2 months ago

    I'm ctfuuu

  57. Pablo Escobark

    Pablo Escobark4 months ago

    They can do my taxes 🤐

  58. Cam Gibson

    Cam Gibson5 months ago


  59. B.O.S 16.13.12

    B.O.S 16.13.125 months ago


  60. Ruffway Alvarez

    Ruffway Alvarez8 months ago

    Only got Glock's doe

  61. Nefarious Inicuo’s

    Nefarious Inicuo’s8 months ago

    Black lives matter though

  62. June Walker

    June Walker8 months ago

    JULIO FOOLIO is a real talent, she is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

  63. Wop Thekid

    Wop Thekid8 months ago


  64. Burt Burrycurtis

    Burt Burrycurtis8 months ago

    Free Troy

  65. Hendog Ga

    Hendog Ga8 months ago


  66. Jemiski Drby

    Jemiski Drby8 months ago

    Y’all still tryna get rich off yungeen ace beef sit Df down

  67. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB8 months ago

    They don mention Ace no mo he a singin jitt💀💀

  68. Ness

    Ness8 months ago

    On da block we got dem blicks Kirk gotta dirty stick 🔥🔥

  69. L4⃣ JD

    L4⃣ JD8 months ago

    “He slapped lil Henry in his shit”😂😂😂😂

  70. chekamofo

    chekamofo8 months ago


  71. OptimalBandit

    OptimalBandit8 months ago

    6k NHG🚑

  72. A G

    A G8 months ago

    Ksoo flow?

  73. No Face Pooh

    No Face Pooh8 months ago

    Loving GMK to smoke ya

  74. mrtakeyoshyt

    mrtakeyoshyt5 months ago

    ion like it

  75. Wolfe Smith

    Wolfe Smith8 months ago

    Fool got me rollin with his name😂👌🏾 had to see what he was talkin bout

  76. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix8 months ago

    He the truth u need to listen more

  77. Dariontaye Priester

    Dariontaye Priester8 months ago


  78. Benjamin Crosby

    Benjamin Crosby8 months ago

    When he said " rollin off these percies ,booted like a punt." , I really felt that.

  79. Robbie Keuchler Jr

    Robbie Keuchler Jr8 months ago

    That boi NWT ready to blow

  80. darrian baker

    darrian baker8 months ago

    If fefe keep going krazy he gon be a problem 💯🤭

  81. Miy Dior

    Miy Dior8 months ago

    I’m sorry I fw foolio verse only 🤣

  82. Oscar Sosa

    Oscar Sosa7 months ago


  83. BlaSTz HumbertoYT

    BlaSTz HumbertoYT8 months ago

    That was trash

  84. Top fights

    Top fights8 months ago

    Ain't somebody just got killed?😂😂😂😂😂😂 kta smoking Lil what's his name ?

  85. Elvontae Richards

    Elvontae Richards8 months ago

    Lmaoo they homeboy got dropped 🤷🏾‍♂️ Atk smoking on netri

  86. Słat-CODM

    Słat-CODM8 months ago

    Claim your B4 1mill

  87. Ken Ken

    Ken Ken8 months ago

    curt just lost his brother 😭😭😭

  88. Yo hoe 4 da blokk

    Yo hoe 4 da blokk8 months ago

    foolio Saved da song

  89. Ty Da Fool

    Ty Da Fool8 months ago


  90. Rockout Qan233

    Rockout Qan2338 months ago


  91. zebra god

    zebra god8 months ago

    Foolio my favorite rapper and he need to sign me my music straight 🔥

  92. IG : K.Talibanzzz FOLLOW ME

    IG : K.Talibanzzz FOLLOW ME8 months ago


  93. gunsmoke james

    gunsmoke james8 months ago

    @Top fights it say 23k too

  94. Top fights

    Top fights8 months ago

    Thats kta stupid

  95. latrell bennett

    latrell bennett8 months ago

    The most disrespectful rapper I know🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  96. Khiereddine Hofra

    Khiereddine Hofra8 months ago

    @Elvontae Richards man ksoo pure garbage.he cant rap.foolio the most lyrical and disrespectful rapper

  97. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB8 months ago

    Elvontae Richards not een klose💀 they keep dikk ridin bibby💀 Foolio n Nevawantedtatalk the disrespektfull ones!

  98. Elvontae Richards

    Elvontae Richards8 months ago

    Listen to Jdot Breezy and Ksoo they the definition of disrespectful

  99. Mobile_ Tapez

    Mobile_ Tapez8 months ago

    Dis got that baton rouge flow 🔥💥💯

  100. rc brother /gang

    rc brother /gang8 months ago

    i ain fw jit who spit first buh foolio did dat

  101. Danthony Williams

    Danthony Williams8 months ago


  102. J Prays

    J Prays8 months ago

    Neverwanted slid on dat tho


    THExONLYxGOAT8 months ago


  104. OTK Bubb

    OTK Bubb8 months ago

    Like a hickey I’m aiming for yo neck up😂🤣

  105. Tr3nchbaby K3

    Tr3nchbaby K38 months ago


  106. Dayvion@2015gmail.von Jones

    Dayvion@2015gmail.von Jones8 months ago

    Neverwantedtotalk & foolio need some milk 🥛 milk 🤣🤣🤣 black Gotti now boi y’all too Disrespectful they stay dropping 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  107. LaxcqFN

    LaxcqFN8 months ago

    I got bibby, i got kendre, kp in dis blunt

  108. saints fan

    saints fan8 months ago

    Shouldn't of played with Bibby name

  109. saints fan

    saints fan8 months ago

    What's his name 😂💀💀💀

  110. Akeem Henry

    Akeem Henry8 months ago

    Fye ..6 KTS

  111. JKVisions

    JKVisions8 months ago


  112. JKVisions

    JKVisions4 months ago

    @Bang Bang Bang 🤣😂 lmao

  113. Bang Bang Bang

    Bang Bang Bang4 months ago

    you'll snitch to JSO like the last camera guy who snitched during the USlikes rapper roundup. JSO got a girl informant to go in the studio and take pics/video because you boys fall for silly stuff like that. JSO didn't even need a warrant

  114. Bj in my Zj

    Bj in my Zj8 months ago


  115. Dope

    Dope8 months ago

    You raw with da camera on bro

  116. CD G

    CD G8 months ago

    I would have been dead scared


    WORLDCLASS CUP8 months ago


  118. Zack Criss

    Zack Criss8 months ago


  119. LilAnt ThaYungin

    LilAnt ThaYungin8 months ago

    I Just Buried A Dirty Choppa And Went And Bought Anotha Gun 💂🏽‍♀️

  120. Drakeioo

    Drakeioo8 months ago

    What does KTA and ATK really mean ?

  121. great great

    great great8 months ago

    @COD FATHER aim


    COD FATHER8 months ago

    ATK -Ace to kill


    COD FATHER8 months ago

    KTA - kill them all

  124. j bari65

    j bari658 months ago

    Oh them boys got off 🔥

  125. 34 BABY

    34 BABY8 months ago


  126. Top Opp TV

    Top Opp TV8 months ago

    Somebody tell Charles Spinz Looking for em he said something bout 762s & 556s whatever that meant 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂

  127. gunsmoke james

    gunsmoke james8 months ago

    Jitt get yo green ass on he obviously aint looking good enough😭😂

  128. Kap Kuttthroat

    Kap Kuttthroat8 months ago

    Sure said a whole lot for someone who never wanted to talk 😂

  129. Kalonapin GIBD

    Kalonapin GIBD29 days ago

    Never said he didn’t wanna rap about it 🤣😭

  130. dorian bannister

    dorian bannister5 months ago

    He means when he jump out on yo ass he don’t wanna talk about it🤐☠️✝️🩸

  131. Something else in 1

    Something else in 16 months ago


  132. Iso Jay

    Iso Jay7 months ago

    No talking when shooting

  133. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix7 months ago

    I want a fully auto 2

  134. HUNXHO Sammy

    HUNXHO Sammy8 months ago

    This fye ong FOOLIO ON TOP💯

  135. SK

    SK8 months ago

    Aye Foolio try to make some with fredo bang I feel like y’all would be a good duo

  136. Blaxk Magix

    Blaxk Magix6 months ago

    hell nah cuh

  137. Jamaica Linson

    Jamaica Linson8 months ago


  138. Whoop De Whoop

    Whoop De Whoop8 months ago

    This nigga neverwantedtotalk kill every song & he mad disrespectful😂