Foolio “It’s Over” Official Audio


  1. It’s NevaehJeleece

    It’s NevaehJeleece8 days ago

    dassit dassall bae 🖤

  2. Pvt Draco

    Pvt Draco12 days ago


  3. Angel Perez lll

    Angel Perez lllMonth ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. Angel Perez lll

    Angel Perez lllMonth ago

    This shit is fire craaaaaaazy

  5. YBM Musik

    YBM MusikMonth ago


  6. Yung Jit

    Yung JitMonth ago



    DOPENESS 1K2 months ago

    Stay safe foolio you snapped to hard🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🤝

  8. Gee Cortez

    Gee Cortez2 months ago


  9. Jos Daaddy

    Jos Daaddy2 months ago

    I hear foolio I see another sick kingvon typa flow that people havent yet paid attention to🔥🔥🔥

  10. Jonathan Sutton

    Jonathan SuttonMonth ago

    I personally think he better than von. Even with the story telling. Prolly I like how he name drop without giving a fuck instead of us tryna figure out who they dissing. But all in all you right my dude. #Respect

  11. Move Silent

    Move Silent3 months ago

    Fuck Yeah been waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥 🩸🖤

  12. Fredo Vi

    Fredo Vi3 months ago


  13. king Shad

    king Shad3 months ago

    This shyt hard asf on bro 💥🦍🎸🗣

  14. Divine GG

    Divine GG3 months ago


  15. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt3 months ago



    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago


  17. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz3 months ago

    Why the beat and his voice not mixed in or whatever, his voice lower than the beat. I fw this song too much to let it go like this... like his songs with zaytoven were actually produced good

  18. Hoodie WRLD

    Hoodie WRLD3 months ago

    He needs to re drop with the audio fixed

  19. 2x ___

    2x ___3 months ago


  20. R3ckl3ss_ Jay

    R3ckl3ss_ Jay3 months ago

    Hardest rapper outta Jacksonville

  21. big pop shotta

    big pop shotta3 months ago

    and pyso Superstar

  22. Javier Duran-Tovar

    Javier Duran-Tovar3 months ago

    @Isai Prince and jdot

  23. marcus camby

    marcus camby3 months ago FIEEEE🔥🔥 Ririirieidudud

  24. Isai Prince

    Isai Prince3 months ago

    Always dissing lil poppa😭😭

  25. Lucas 941

    Lucas 9413 months ago

    Foolio a legend Spotemgotem up next

  26. ATRAiN904

    ATRAiN9043 months ago

    Duval winning right now lets go check my yt but foolio you slidin lets go 💪🎯✔

  27. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago


  28. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago

  29. Rodger Stephens

    Rodger Stephens3 months ago


  30. iCy xanz

    iCy xanz3 months ago

    I bet mr 6 don't like or reply to this

  31. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago

  32. iCy xanz

    iCy xanz3 months ago

    Here before a milly u already me and big 6 putting 23 and silly willy in woods

  33. Iso Jay

    Iso JayMonth ago

    Just stop keep 23 out your mouth zell 😹😹💀

  34. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago

  35. Cameron Blige

    Cameron Blige3 months ago

    All the way from Savannah ga

  36. Cameron Blige

    Cameron Blige3 months ago

    Oh yeah I fwu @foolio


    FAMOUZ_ MYA3 months ago