Foolio “Griselda Blanco” FT CashkiddMarc (Official Audio)


  1. ync daedae

    ync daedae24 days ago

    been waitin on dis since da snippet 😂

  2. Corleone West

    Corleone WestMonth ago

    FOOL!O FLORD!@ C@$H K!D DETRO!T 😖💣💣😈💥🔥

  3. Zac Garcia

    Zac Garcia2 months ago

    Music video🔥

  4. NonstopTv

    NonstopTv3 months ago

    Y’all gotta make music video to this

  5. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan3 months ago

    This song supposed to be longer 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Derrick DaGoat

    Derrick DaGoat3 months ago

    “I’m up next next(necks) like I’m tryna get a hickey” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤯

  7. Dr. W

    Dr. W3 months ago

    Whoever Cash Kidd is, please tell him to keep going, everything he said on that song Hard 🔥🔥 "Only time you put shots in the hair is when you doin toast"

  8. Lil Hunnit

    Lil Hunnit3 months ago

    Been snappin since omm

  9. Darrenfrm985

    Darrenfrm9853 months ago

    u should tune in he BEEN walkin on shit. he from michigan

  10. BigRo Tv

    BigRo Tv3 months ago

    That boy made a song named after the Godmother 🔥🔥💪🏾

  11. rhyce coe

    rhyce coe3 months ago

    Been waitin on dis

  12. Manny tha Janitor

    Manny tha Janitor3 months ago

    This bih FYE

  13. Ft Trey

    Ft Trey3 months ago

    Cash kid reminds me of mozzy no cap he hard 🔥🔥

  14. J Hasaah

    J Hasaah3 months ago

    That’s a dope feat

  15. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt3 months ago



    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago


  17. Jose Lander is-zarco

    Jose Lander is-zarco3 months ago

    🔥Damn this song should have been longer. There probably more than a minute at the end for more bars

  18. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan3 months ago


  19. di3gz

    di3gz3 months ago

    "Foolio got da ToolieO in da studio... Doin fraud yea i play with cards this aint Yu-Gi-Oh"🔥🔥

  20. bay area

    bay area3 months ago

    Cash kidd🐐💯🔥

  21. Ruben Rodriguez

    Ruben Rodriguez3 months ago


  22. Mean man policy

    Mean man policy3 months ago

    This it fam 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏾

  23. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago

    That Cash Kidd feature 🔥

  24. Matthew Made It

    Matthew Made It3 months ago

    Neva heard of him but dat nigga slid 😂🔥

  25. Spliff Jones

    Spliff Jones3 months ago

    Chillll Cash Kidd

  26. 23leaks 2X

    23leaks 2X3 months ago


  27. Hoodrich

    Hoodrich3 months ago


  28. 26 _golive

    26 _golive3 months ago