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Top Conniver EP
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  1. DatBotStormzy

    DatBotStormzy5 days ago

    I need the instrumental plz

  2. Life of a ypungin180 Brice

    Life of a ypungin180 BriceMonth ago

    Even the news reporter famous😂

  3. Ruthless dondada

    Ruthless dondadaMonth ago

    Choppa sound like a band sound

  4. Ruthless dondada

    Ruthless dondadaMonth ago

    Took his bike like debo rip debo

  5. A

    A2 months ago

    Fuckkkkkk 🔥🔥


    JJAYMO2 months ago

    Play this shit inna club hell goin break loose😂 get to punching down on shit

  7. Flixs

    Flixs3 months ago

    Woke up in feelings popped a fucking xan 🖤

  8. Jamall Copeland

    Jamall Copeland3 months ago

    Shot go hard fooli fr 💯💨💨

  9. Angelo

    Angelo4 months ago

    “I’m smoking Corbin Ack Ah Fool” 😬🤣

  10. Amaria Boss

    Amaria Boss5 months ago

    Folio is the goat fire rapper

  11. SANTANA.

    SANTANA.5 months ago

    “Dats Dat Gun Sound, Dats A Man Down.” 😭💯

  12. King Kelley

    King Kelley18 days ago


  13. JJAYMO

    JJAYMO29 days ago

    Brbdrbrbdbrbdbrdb lmaoo thats that man doen

  14. Yannis Galissaire

    Yannis Galissaire5 months ago

    Ay yo ride to the 6 like the president?

  15. Toorawbruh Real

    Toorawbruh Real5 months ago

    so under rated🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Romel Pigram

    Romel Pigram6 months ago


  17. Leah Vibes

    Leah Vibes6 months ago

    He killed all those ppl ?

  18. 850 Jojo

    850 Jojo5 months ago

    Bruh is yo ass on like 5 accounts asking dis shit?

  19. King King

    King King5 months ago

    Not him lol

  20. CjayyTheGoat

    CjayyTheGoat6 months ago

    slept on 💯💯❤️

  21. Deesoraw Entertainment

    Deesoraw Entertainment7 months ago

    Tryna beat a nigga block like a instrument

  22. Jermaine Laws

    Jermaine Laws7 months ago

    He gave them a moment of silence at the end😈😂🤫😭

  23. Johnny Storm

    Johnny Storm7 months ago

    Been waiting for this 🔥🔥💯

  24. Gloccfrmda 9

    Gloccfrmda 97 months ago

    Drop a video to dis

  25. Gloccfrmda 9

    Gloccfrmda 97 months ago

    Drop a video of dis

  26. Gloccfrmda 9

    Gloccfrmda 97 months ago

    Drop a video to dis

  27. Gloccfrmda 9

    Gloccfrmda 97 months ago

    Drop a video to dis

  28. Gloccfrmda 9

    Gloccfrmda 97 months ago

    Drop a video to dis

  29. Jonathan Jolley

    Jonathan Jolley7 months ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  30. Jixzu

    Jixzu7 months ago

    This Beat🔥 6 ❗❗

  31. Stanley Woolfolk

    Stanley Woolfolk8 months ago

    Needs a video asap💪🎯!!!

  32. Adeline Forest

    Adeline Forest8 months ago

    He killed all them people?

  33. Ken Ken mobb

    Ken Ken mobb8 months ago

    He killed all them people ?

  34. Sensei Hustle

    Sensei Hustle8 months ago

    This the one

  35. Right Now

    Right Now9 months ago

    Beat hard asf

  36. yung_glizzok23

    yung_glizzok239 months ago

    I saw this bitch on his Ig askin to pick between 3 songs n which one to drop first, I voted this one n this shit go Brazy

  37. Kid Mello

    Kid Mello9 months ago


  38. mc lovin

    mc lovin9 months ago


  39. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix9 months ago

    Top Coniver Staight fire

  40. XpEcT. Josue

    XpEcT. Josue9 months ago

    Big ATK SHI😂

  41. Coolestbello YouTubeVEVO

    Coolestbello YouTubeVEVO9 months ago

    I being busy listening to these song Saying to myself #ranning to da 6, 6, 6, I think devil take over me😇

  42. Ivory Davis

    Ivory Davis9 months ago

    Mood 🎱 🤫🖤

  43. Rooberang

    Rooberang9 months ago

    This whole tape go hard but this is my favorite.

  44. John Chico

    John Chico9 months ago

    Went dumb 🔥💯✔


    LiLL SHAYYY9 months ago

    Underrated aff🤧

  46. Carlowe Carter

    Carlowe Carter9 months ago

    He under rated but Soulja K is too

  47. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez9 months ago

    This nigga slidin KTA 💨🔥

  48. Jordan Hird

    Jordan Hird9 months ago

    Selfie gang bitxh

  49. Ez ・Smokesツ

    Ez ・Smokesツ9 months ago

    Pull up run down🤟🏽🚦💯

  50. Pierce Gunderson

    Pierce Gunderson9 months ago

    your old shit wayyyyyy harder than dis

  51. Billybobby Boone

    Billybobby Boone9 months ago

    This track is dope but the rest of the album is girly and voodoo is prolly my favorite

  52. Rory Parker

    Rory Parker9 months ago


  53. Kyree Hinton

    Kyree Hinton9 months ago

    Woke up grab my gun that’s how starting my day

  54. WNG Kingclay

    WNG Kingclay9 months ago


  55. Shad West

    Shad West9 months ago

    Suga ralo I’m smoking them just for playing round 💨💤💤💤

  56. John Wick

    John Wick7 months ago

    Big ATK

  57. Tomas Hernandez

    Tomas Hernandez9 months ago

    this fire sounds like talk my shit nba youngboy tho nocap

  58. Rico Freako

    Rico Freako9 months ago

    you and kodak need to do some tracks together... would be fuego

  59. #Jamesbondstar

    #Jamesbondstar9 months ago

    kodak is in jail

  60. Clout_Chasing Azz

    Clout_Chasing Azz9 months ago

    23 turn his name into a fucking shread 💪💯🔥🔥🔥

  61. ks2

    ks29 months ago


  62. Teamcashent.

    Teamcashent.9 months ago

    Bro Went Crazy 🔥🔥

  63. Ima Dirty slut

    Ima Dirty slut9 months ago


  64. 2 Fye

    2 Fye9 months ago

    Threw away my 40 cal and got a baby drac.

  65. Pup R

    Pup R9 months ago

    This one Hard fooly, drop a vid n Issa hit🎱💯

  66. Cheeky The bebe

    Cheeky The bebe9 months ago


  67. Yfn Kal

    Yfn Kal9 months ago

    I needa find this beat if Sb find please link it in my comment

  68. DatBotStormzy

    DatBotStormzy5 months ago

    same bruh

  69. Esco Way

    Esco Way9 months ago


  70. Xavier Duke

    Xavier Duke9 months ago

    Smokin all kinda dead niggas 🤣

  71. Lee Miller

    Lee Miller9 months ago

    He really too underrated

  72. Blaxk Magix

    Blaxk Magix9 months ago

    Been waiting for you to drop this🔥‼️

  73. Dimondss

    Dimondss7 months ago


  74. sk8erdude705

    sk8erdude7058 months ago

    I’ll o

  75. Yo Go

    Yo Go9 months ago

    I know the lyrics to all the songs already.

  76. Tyler Gasson

    Tyler Gasson9 months ago

    This nigga neva disappoint the whole tape🔥🔥 👍🏾👾

  77. Savage L

    Savage L9 months ago

    Bro deserve to be noticed way moreee😡

  78. Big Dave

    Big Dave9 months ago

    oh yea pressure been waiting for dis


    BÏĞŞPØØĶ ÇÆSH9 months ago

    Where's play wit me?

  80. Lul Kierro

    Lul Kierro9 months ago

    "3 shot ND killed 1 other in critical condition

  81. Bernard Brown

    Bernard Brown6 months ago

    Yungen ace

  82. flash khoppa

    flash khoppa6 months ago


  83. dh45IVY

    dh45IVY7 months ago

    Pip Jones lol bro y&r did do that drill for zion. foolio just diss them kuz zion was his cousin

  84. flmorgue

    flmorgue7 months ago

    Pip Jones mookey aint did it but y&r most def got ATK shook they only came back in the city after mookey nem got locked up

  85. Jiaree Lowry

    Jiaree Lowry7 months ago

    @Pip Jones nigga thts cap my cousin toppopp nique live up there now ik you know who that us but if you dont go look him up on youtube and listen to em

  86. Kelflava 2x

    Kelflava 2x9 months ago

    Best song 🔥🔥


    SHEWANTSNATE !9 months ago

    Prospertay and desi🤯 and corbin🤯😼

  88. life of khia

    life of khia9 months ago


  89. jerrell ford

    jerrell ford9 months ago

    From Tallahassee foolio you and Kodak realest shit coming outta Florida real shit

  90. Bando Crawl

    Bando Crawl8 months ago

    Straight Facts💯

  91. Lewis Johnson

    Lewis Johnson9 months ago

    Ay i ride thru the 6 like the president 📸📸

  92. Sakan The Goat

    Sakan The Goat9 months ago

    Been waiting for a min

  93. Sakan The Goat

    Sakan The Goat9 months ago


  94. Keywes

    Keywes9 months ago

    Closed Casket Gang

  95. Joshua Bwali

    Joshua Bwali9 months ago

    Foolio definitely snapped on this, damn give the nigga some credit

  96. FNB_ANT 561

    FNB_ANT 5619 months ago

    This that pressure 🎱6️⃣

  97. L’a Julio

    L’a Julio9 months ago


  98. Derric Young

    Derric Young9 months ago

    Been waiting on this so long ⛽️6️⃣‼️

  99. thenickbutta

    thenickbutta9 months ago

    WOKE UP GRAB MY GUN & START MY DAY , woke up in my feelings popped a fuccin xan

  100. aLegend

    aLegend9 months ago

    fukin krabs

  101. thenickbutta

    thenickbutta9 months ago

    Beeeeennnnnn waitin on this

  102. First Last

    First Last9 months ago

    He was sposed to have Neverwantedtotalk on this 🤦🏼‍♂️ woulda went even crazier 🎯

  103. Murda Maro

    Murda Maro9 months ago

    He said dis juh a ep wen he drop his fr album "love me like I’m dead “ it’s goin go hard

  104. Corian Collins

    Corian Collins9 months ago

    Damm six

  105. First Last

    First Last9 months ago

    Man just went crazy 🥵🤯

  106. Lukes LilW0rld

    Lukes LilW0rld9 months ago

    This shxt too hard, and id appreciate if yall checked a G out, i make music and im tryna get out here

  107. Travis Jr

    Travis Jr9 months ago

    Yesssirr 6 🔂

  108. HRN WØP

    HRN WØP9 months ago

    i bout killed myself waiting for this

  109. jahni mason

    jahni mason9 months ago

    Finally bruh!!! Who else was waiting

  110. Alexander

    Alexander9 months ago

    You gotta drop a video to this

  111. JRgunman

    JRgunman9 months ago


  112. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz9 months ago


  113. Youtube Snowy Tyrek :

    Youtube Snowy Tyrek :9 months ago


  114. Jonathan Baird

    Jonathan Baird9 months ago

    U kno what's crazy family much as i fuck wit u i cant recall seein you smile. Brother. Your father wants you to smile cuzzy wuzzy u got all the rank. Dam bo

  115. Kyshaan Williamss

    Kyshaan Williamss9 months ago

    shit hard asf boy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  116. Cory Moreno

    Cory Moreno9 months ago

    Been waiting ‼️‼️🗣🗣🔥🔥like before milli

  117. AAC Spams L2

    AAC Spams L29 months ago

    23 Turned his name into a trend

  118. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay5 months ago

    CBK Drac my big brotha a KTA noface

  119. Iso Jay

    Iso Jay6 months ago

    Spinbin_Zay you a kta member or nhg

  120. Cmorecake 21

    Cmorecake 218 months ago

    “Strain” of weed

  121. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay9 months ago

    aLegend u but hurt jit u commenting under every body shii 😂

  122. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay9 months ago

    aLegend he def did 😂big KTA

  123. AAC Spams L2

    AAC Spams L29 months ago

    this bih so fye

  124. King Louie

    King Louie9 months ago