Foolio “Brighter Days” Official Audio

Top Conniver EP
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  1. nodrip nick

    nodrip nick2 months ago

    Claim your before 1 mill ticket here

  2. Bando Crawl

    Bando Crawl2 months ago

    This sum real shit


    LIL G LEE PPCP eNT3 months ago

    I hear poody takin mi adlibs bud is not exactlee

  4. Laylon P

    Laylon P2 months ago

    Tf you say

  5. JAIDYN200k

    JAIDYN200k4 months ago

    felt dis 💯

  6. Pedrwm

    Pedrwm4 months ago

    Anyone got the lyrics?

  7. Ksmoovee_88 88

    Ksmoovee_88 886 months ago

    Mind vs yo Heart🌟💔

  8. Ashley Gammon

    Ashley Gammon7 months ago

    Sad man😭

  9. 2x ___

    2x ___7 months ago

    Tf😳 I felt it

  10. JUICYRED 70

    JUICYRED 707 months ago

    Yessss ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕ 🍀🍀😊😊😊🍀🍀 📖📖🙏🙏🙏📖📖

  11. Troy McCollum

    Troy McCollum8 months ago

    Someone put this on audiomack


    LiLL SHAYYY8 months ago

    I love this one

  13. WODIE

    WODIE8 months ago

    This shit to raw 💯 deez songs hit different

  14. 900 _ŞH1Ţ

    900 _ŞH1Ţ8 months ago

    This shit hard🖤💫

  15. 900 _ŞH1Ţ

    900 _ŞH1Ţ8 months ago

    Foolio shit fye 🖤🙏🏿 💫🐐

  16. 904 Man

    904 Man9 months ago

    It's gone a brighter day

  17. JmoneyDa Savage

    JmoneyDa Savage9 months ago

    This a banger 6🖤🏳️

  18. XpEcT. Josue

    XpEcT. Josue9 months ago

    Crazyyy ATK

  19. Y̺͆o̺͆s̺͆h̺͆i̺͆ Kelz

    Y̺͆o̺͆s̺͆h̺͆i̺͆ Kelz9 months ago

    𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝗳𝗮𝘃𝘀

  20. Malandro

    Malandro9 months ago

    Here at 16k views

  21. ks2

    ks29 months ago


  22. gunsmoke james

    gunsmoke james9 months ago

    Mind vs yo heart be the toughest battle💔🙏

  23. freelanceohio

    freelanceohio6 months ago

    Fr tho

  24. OMB Santiago

    OMB Santiago9 months ago

    I waited for this hella

  25. Zachary Wheatley

    Zachary Wheatley9 months ago

    Pain songs

  26. Laylow K

    Laylow K9 months ago

    ya ass da goat on bro!

  27. Keshon Dagoat

    Keshon Dagoat9 months ago


  28. 600_ Rock

    600_ Rock9 months ago

    Foolio u never posted dis on SoundCloud

  29. Martin Moreno

    Martin Moreno9 months ago


  30. Tyler Gasson

    Tyler Gasson9 months ago

    Waiting for this to get a million

  31. Lee Miller

    Lee Miller9 months ago

    This da hardest💪💪

  32. Tony Carpenter

    Tony Carpenter9 months ago

    This the hardest one I heard yet6️⃣KTA😈

  33. Move Silent

    Move Silent9 months ago


  34. SuperSmdproductions

    SuperSmdproductions9 months ago

    Now dis shi right here is heat we need dat vid fooli

  35. EclipticSir

    EclipticSir9 months ago

    here before 1 mill and a music video!

  36. EBKDoe Beezy

    EBKDoe Beezy9 months ago


  37. killa jay

    killa jay9 months ago

    One call u no mommy pick up right away💯💯

  38. Higuys

    Higuys9 months ago

    Drop dis on audiomack

  39. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB9 months ago

    Hard 6ody

  40. curtis mango

    curtis mango9 months ago


  41. King Buc

    King Buc9 months ago

    Best song on the tape 🔥

  42. freelanceohio

    freelanceohio6 months ago


  43. Move Silent

    Move Silent9 months ago


  44. BIG General

    BIG General9 months ago


  45. Lil J

    Lil J9 months ago


  46. Derek Quattlebaum

    Derek Quattlebaum9 months ago

    Dude put his heart onna beat 💔

  47. Deondre Phillips

    Deondre Phillips9 months ago

    I waited on this one for the longest 🤦‍♂️🙌

  48. Ft Trey

    Ft Trey9 months ago

    No kap

  49. Mx -1700

    Mx -17009 months ago

    On god i stay vibing to the snippet 😂

  50. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz9 months ago

    killa jay 0:35

  51. killa jay

    killa jay9 months ago

    Fr seem like yesterday i was watching snippet been a whole year


    WORLDCLASS CUP9 months ago


  53. Mark Joness

    Mark Joness9 months ago


  54. John VI

    John VI9 months ago

    Hard 6ix🖤

  55. sheluvkelvin-

    sheluvkelvin-9 months ago


  56. Sparkzzz Rivera

    Sparkzzz Rivera9 months ago