Foolio “Seen It” Official Video

Foolio “Seen It” Official Video



    FUKDA SYSTEM13 hours ago

  2. Laci'sha Stephens

    Laci'sha Stephens2 days ago

    One of my favs keep it up G.


    FLIPPAMEEZY4 days ago


  4. Hunxho Brazy

    Hunxho Brazy5 days ago

    “ Nikkas yell my name when shit happen ts real polixe “🤐‼️

  5. Devante Powell

    Devante Powell5 days ago

    One of the best outta Jax Florida shit tbh imo might be the best outta Florida period

  6. Baby Zoe

    Baby Zoe2 days ago

  7. Too fye

    Too fye6 days ago


  8. Too fye

    Too fye6 days ago


  9. rxspectシ

    rxspectシ6 days ago

    Yungeen Ace Diss🔥

  10. Oronde Dixon

    Oronde Dixon6 days ago

    Yo shit banging in Palm Beach County..561✊😈🍾🏝🏝

  11. Baby Zoe

    Baby Zoe2 days ago

  12. Kree 919

    Kree 9199 days ago

    We don't do no pledge allegiance 🐐🖤 #BigKTA

  13. Jakerrian Marquis Fields Sr.

    Jakerrian Marquis Fields Sr.10 days ago


  14. Baby Zoe

    Baby Zoe2 days ago

  15. Sos Ejay

    Sos Ejay10 days ago


  16. New Music Friday Rap

    New Music Friday Rap11 days ago


  17. Cyrus Nelson

    Cyrus Nelson11 days ago

    I’m w it , put me in coach

  18. Victor Shaver

    Victor Shaver13 days ago

    Proud of ya soulja

  19. Young Baretta

    Young Baretta17 days ago

    Julio u snapping my boi west Orlando still fucks with ya..💯💯💯💯

  20. GoBucs

    GoBucs18 days ago

    Ohkdenn 🎱🤍

  21. CBS xpumps

    CBS xpumps19 days ago


  22. tonk_out gaming

    tonk_out gaming20 days ago

    I can make a hard-ass second verse

  23. Gawd x Blix

    Gawd x Blix21 day ago

    Peek spotemgottem

  24. Brown Barbie

    Brown Barbie21 day ago

    Go boyyyyyy💋❤️

  25. Mark Harris

    Mark Harris21 day ago

    Shout out S.G Kodak Free Gleeeee

  26. Justification Me

    Justification Me22 days ago

    Killing Shit In The Name Of BIBBY🖤 That Nigga Loved Bibby R.I.P That Boy Osama.

  27. Sage Mulatto

    Sage Mulatto22 days ago

    Turn up on these niggaz bruh 💯

  28. Kieshaun Freeny

    Kieshaun Freeny22 days ago

    This that shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. SynlaGG

    SynlaGG22 days ago


  30. FNO MJAY

    FNO MJAY22 days ago

    support mommy channel 🖤

  31. TheSwaggyHD

    TheSwaggyHD22 days ago

    But you ain’t slide for ya mama🤨

  32. Sixo deuce

    Sixo deuce22 days ago

    We rock N wit foolio out here in AZ.

  33. Jack Bondo

    Jack Bondo23 days ago

    Came from a Tiktok Imma be sure to peep all his music now.

  34. Bralyn Torres

    Bralyn Torres23 days ago

    Ohjana mean family. N I mean it!!

  35. Godlikenova Universe

    Godlikenova Universe23 days ago

    More music 🎼🔥🎼🔥🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏💯

  36. dontworrytf

    dontworrytf23 days ago


  37. KxngOffNoPercs

    KxngOffNoPercs23 days ago

    Bro disapointment

  38. selfmade deshun

    selfmade deshun23 days ago

  39. Scammer Kys

    Scammer Kys23 days ago

    Rip Bibby😣🙏

  40. MH-MOO

    MH-MOO23 days ago

    This man right here got some real talent ion care wat nobody say. If u stay on da grind dat bag gone get bigger #free mook

  41. NFNS 034

    NFNS 0344 days ago


  42. Freddy Cain

    Freddy Cain24 days ago

    What he bang ?

  43. pro baby

    pro baby15 days ago

    Espn 6 block

  44. Cream City Boy

    Cream City Boy24 days ago

    Jacksonville Legend Foolio🔥🔥

  45. • Briwww •

    • Briwww •24 days ago

    Bro, you got time to delete this bruh.

  46. anthony victoria

    anthony victoria24 days ago

    Bruh wtf is this , mane they needa let G9 out

  47. Don Don

    Don Don24 days ago

    🔫 shine 🎵 954

  48. Black Lives matter

    Black Lives matter24 days ago

    You getting way better bro. Keep up the good work.

  49. Julio Reyes

    Julio Reyes24 days ago

    Every single song in his last album is too hard

  50. Dubz Moriya

    Dubz Moriya25 days ago

    Big slept on

  51. Beau Jangles

    Beau Jangles25 days ago

    Hottest Rappers from Jville, Foolio , Champagne Pete 🔫 🍾 and Mookey

  52. Devaughn Grant

    Devaughn Grant25 days ago

    Big 6

  53. Darren Greer

    Darren Greer25 days ago

    Ol 6

  54. kingdan 6ixx

    kingdan 6ixx25 days ago


  55. kuttem - topic

    kuttem - topic25 days ago

    i been waiting for this

  56. Par Lean

    Par Lean25 days ago


  57. SAB

    SAB25 days ago

    This the ONE ☝☝☝

  58. shawn George

    shawn George25 days ago

    Go subscribe Roy 225

  59. shawn George

    shawn George25 days ago

  60. Derek Flores

    Derek Flores25 days ago

    I swear to God 6 is the goat 🔥

  61. Troy Speed

    Troy Speed25 days ago

    6 shit 💯💪

  62. Goated Tay

    Goated Tay25 days ago

    “ ever seen a humble nigga turn into a demon” i felt that

  63. Anthony1k _

    Anthony1k _25 days ago

    Fooli needa drop more shi I swea cuh slide

  64. DjibrilNdidye Ndiaye

    DjibrilNdidye Ndiaye25 days ago

    Best rapper live

  65. Leaked Music

    Leaked Music25 days ago


  66. Vulcha the comment rapper 1k

    Vulcha the comment rapper 1k25 days ago

    Kid I wat u to win so bad 🐐 stay blessed

  67. Ronaldo Carrizales

    Ronaldo Carrizales25 days ago

    ⛽️ ⛽️

  68. RudeBoi410

    RudeBoi41026 days ago

    Oh yeah been waiting on visual for this one

  69. Bang Bang Bang

    Bang Bang Bang26 days ago

    Out of state fans acting like out of state fans in the comments

  70. jahbelive

    jahbelive26 days ago

    West side jax low key 103rd fuck with this

  71. tyquan totten

    tyquan totten26 days ago

    Slept on fasho

  72. sedtheninja

    sedtheninja26 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥big 904 shittt

  73. Mission Valley

    Mission Valley26 days ago

    Ion if I'm trippin look like Spotemgotem out there

  74. Trentfromdatent

    Trentfromdatent26 days ago

    🔥my new favorite of yours

  75. Reebooker Jpon

    Reebooker Jpon26 days ago

    im about to make a sign that says "look up foolio hes the best rapper out" we gotta force these false ass mfs to recognize him...the problem is the world aint about it and they aint ready

  76. 1So Xtra

    1So Xtra2 days ago

    Boy he hard

  77. loco loco

    loco loco26 days ago

    Naw foolio them boys already said you ain't jump in no car about Bibby

  78. NFNS 034

    NFNS 0344 days ago

    yk dats cap Foolio had to have spun bout bibby......ion believe what them folks say cause foolio seem like he stand on business

  79. perfect stranger

    perfect stranger26 days ago

    Atk for life

  80. solex Dave

    solex Dave26 days ago

    So underrated man sheeeesh

  81. Bazerk FN

    Bazerk FN26 days ago

    Peep the rat 🐀 spotemgotem

  82. Jauron Wallace

    Jauron Wallace26 days ago


  83. Gangway mark

    Gangway mark26 days ago

    Whole gang der😈

  84. bigboychris

    bigboychris26 days ago

    Bro he just talking

  85. king jay

    king jay26 days ago


  86. Cole North

    Cole North26 days ago


  87. SheLuv SUPR3M3

    SheLuv SUPR3M326 days ago

    Fr fire you been made it

  88. lolxf999

    lolxf99926 days ago


  89. Darren Greer

    Darren Greer26 days ago

    Look at 6

  90. Mbg Bear

    Mbg Bear26 days ago

  91. Bbdr King

    Bbdr King26 days ago

    rip leek

  92. dread county

    dread county26 days ago


  93. Ricky Jordan860

    Ricky Jordan86026 days ago

    All that money and you still can’t dress but these shoes better than those 12 in last video

  94. Mitch Tha Blacksheep

    Mitch Tha Blacksheep26 days ago

    Been Waiting On This🎱

  95. KTA Splxsh

    KTA Splxsh26 days ago

    KTA 23k long live rod k and bibby

  96. SlimTrucking Hunnit

    SlimTrucking Hunnit26 days ago

    Dude fell off ❗️

  97. Dante

    Dante26 days ago


  98. Tae Lynn

    Tae Lynn26 days ago



    DELAMORE26 days ago

    Big 6 signed that deal with create music!! Proud of you 6

  100. Oronde Dixon

    Oronde Dixon26 days ago

    Fooley boi you dropping straight fie as of lately. 💥💥🔥🔥

  101. Kashiefroy Mckenzie

    Kashiefroy Mckenzie26 days ago


  102. regi the one and ONLY

    regi the one and ONLY26 days ago

    Camera man was on point😂💯

  103. NFNS 034

    NFNS 0344 days ago

    ngl a few edits had my ah rolling lol

  104. Johnny BB

    Johnny BB26 days ago

    This Nigga So Cold

  105. Gudda Billybadss

    Gudda Billybadss26 days ago

    Too me he the most hated n unrated rapper with the hardest bars n ppl still sleep on him keep grinding bro

  106. Derek Flores

    Derek Flores26 days ago

    Florida grim reaper never disappoints #Big6 #ripBibby🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    MCF STACKZ26 days ago

    Here Before A Mill ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

  108. Javier Baez

    Javier Baez26 days ago

    Foolio is a different type of Goat🐐⚡️.