Foolio “Seen It” Official Audio


  1. Shamar Skitz

    Shamar Skitz29 days ago

    Whole album was fire real shit🤕🤫

  2. NewEra_TB

    NewEra_TBMonth ago

    Waitin on da video for dis

  3. Jonathan Sutton

    Jonathan SuttonMonth ago

    I work 12 hour shifts foolio I listen to this mixtape front to back daily. #Shit hard.

  4. Abel Noyola

    Abel Noyola2 months ago

    Brother why do you have pressure with quando? W.e it is leave it alone yall can take over the south together and be the next g unit why do you have to fall in. Lead eachother as brothers of Christ and prove the world wrong do you really want to leave familys sad. Im praying for all yall . 🙏

  5. Abel Noyola

    Abel Noyola2 months ago

    @Quincy HiIl sorry to offend u brother i was drunk its the holidays God bless you

  6. Quincy HiIl

    Quincy HiIl2 months ago

    jit what he dont have pressure with quando

  7. Arishnoff Hanna

    Arishnoff Hanna2 months ago

    Most underrated Rapper 💯✔️keep thuggin G 💯 This boy be making Hit Records and them folks still sleeping on this dude

  8. Ivan 336

    Ivan 3362 months ago

    That nigga hard but yall been knew that

  9. Omerta Lildee

    Omerta Lildee3 months ago

    How dis not a mill

  10. Devon Sebro

    Devon Sebro3 months ago

    Audio ass

  11. Move Silent

    Move Silent3 months ago


  12. David Kilgore

    David Kilgore3 months ago

    Keep dropping gangsta u pressure 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt3 months ago


  14. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB3 months ago

    I been havin this track on repeat🏌🏽

  15. Tave Clips

    Tave Clips3 months ago


  16. Real Rap No Cap

    Real Rap No Cap3 months ago

    Fn snapped 🔥🔥🔥

  17. NewEra_TB

    NewEra_TB3 months ago

    Been waitin on this 1🔥😤

  18. Popeboi 17

    Popeboi 173 months ago


  19. Zee Woycik

    Zee Woycik3 months ago

    Needed new music from you rn🙏🏽💪🏼😈💯🔥

  20. Jove Tory

    Jove Tory3 months ago



    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥kill rats with hallow tips😂

  22. YouGot Snooped

    YouGot Snooped3 months ago

    Ever seen a snake turn rat, boy I seen it!

  23. elijah rodriquez

    elijah rodriquez3 months ago

    Third 🔥

  24. Pablo Escobark

    Pablo Escobark3 months ago

    Second 🔥

  25. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago

  26. ATRAiN904

    ATRAiN9043 months ago

    Duval winning right now lets go check my yt but foolio you slidin lets go 💪🎯✔

  27. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago

    First 🔥

  28. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago