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Top Conniver EP
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  1. 4k Falcons

    4k Falcons4 days ago

    rip to the homies who died waiting for this to drop

  2. Yvonne White

    Yvonne White9 days ago

    three years and he finnlly dropped it😂😂

  3. JulioFoolio

    JulioFoolio16 days ago

    Everyone sleep on foolio bruh

  4. lionel 212121

    lionel 21212120 days ago

    He should have been dropped this ! People forgot bout this song

  5. Jay Q

    Jay Q21 day ago

    Uzi vibez 🔥🔥🔥

  6. cxllme_daniel RBLX

    cxllme_daniel RBLX28 days ago

    bro i made a tt abt a break-up and i used this song...... #D E P R E S S I O N

  7. LuLbandz12

    LuLbandz12Month ago


  8. Sofija Gamora

    Sofija GamoraMonth ago


  9. fendiibarbs

    fendiibarbsMonth ago

    been waiting since 2019 😭🤚🏽

  10. J Jiggles

    J Jiggles21 day ago

    @Farrah Stewart true

  11. Farrah Stewart

    Farrah StewartMonth ago

    for this bs

  12. the bros

    the brosMonth ago


  13. Zachda Goat

    Zachda GoatMonth ago

    Im booming to this in 2021

  14. Harmony Janæ

    Harmony JanæMonth ago

    He woulda been blew up if he dropped this when everyone asked him but atleast he dropped it even though he said he would never make it a full song

  15. Alan Clark

    Alan ClarkMonth ago

    I like it bro

  16. Janya Jessie

    Janya JessieMonth ago

    The best

  17. siennaa.5

    siennaa.52 months ago


  18. NuLuv K

    NuLuv K2 months ago

    if the love was real, how could it fade away💔🐐

  19. Gersson Lopez

    Gersson Lopez2 months ago

    How da lyrics video get more views den da song video

  20. Ct7 Legend

    Ct7 Legend2 months ago

    Why does every good song have to go on TIKTOK 😰😰😰

  21. EditsbyKen

    EditsbyKen2 months ago

    i legit waited so long , and today i randomly searched it

  22. Quxxkz

    Quxxkz2 months ago

    Claim your "here from tik tok" ticket here

  23. Vandronya

    Vandronya2 months ago

    Omg whyyyyyyyyyy I can't stop folding 😫


    GNARLY TEK2 months ago


  25. oxn

    oxn2 months ago


  26. oxn

    oxn2 months ago

    who's my favorite music I like this music so much

  27. I'zearah Evans

    I'zearah Evans2 months ago

    2:14 i was like....... uhh dangg why she gotta be r.i.p .

  28. Sha-Harold Banks

    Sha-Harold Banks2 months ago

    This came out on my 10 bd wow and i love this song

  29. Ali Kaan

    Ali Kaan2 months ago


  30. adam torres

    adam torres2 months ago

    Sound like Nile choopa

  31. Jakara Moore

    Jakara Moore2 months ago

  32. Bryson Byrd

    Bryson Byrd2 months ago

    I was waiting on u too finish shit since last year

  33. Choppo 17

    Choppo 172 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥 fla shit

  34. VaporTheSecond

    VaporTheSecond3 months ago

    Best roblox rap song ever

  35. It'stheAlia Rose

    It'stheAlia Rose3 months ago


  36. Ineed Sle3p

    Ineed Sle3p3 months ago

    Bro I waited for this song for so long that I forgot about it

  37. Anb Mookie

    Anb Mookie3 months ago

    “Lovemelikeimdead” 😔💔

  38. KiNg SlAyEr

    KiNg SlAyEr3 months ago

    When the beat drops "We all fold ourselfs in half"

  39. Vapor makes videos

    Vapor makes videos3 months ago

    The beat sounds like the roblox in 2005

  40. Randy Le

    Randy Le3 months ago


  41. Einn Thao

    Einn Thao3 months ago

    Finally this song came out 😌

  42. Le_swirls

    Le_swirls3 months ago

    I only knew dis music from tik tok i am dumb af

  43. saucyy Tt

    saucyy Tt3 months ago

    he should drop this w everybody was telling him too🤦🏾‍♂️ it would really blew up

  44. -Bubblegum -

    -Bubblegum -2 months ago

    He was in jail.

  45. Jose Lander is-zarco

    Jose Lander is-zarco3 months ago


  46. U YT

    U YT3 months ago

    He could’ve released this in October last year when the song was trending or tiktok or at least early this year he could’ve blown up

  47. tR3sHeR

    tR3sHeR3 months ago

    Why did you play with us bruh? Could have released this last year😫

  48. Jaylen Wynn

    Jaylen Wynn4 months ago

    "My grandma do voodoo"🕺🏽💯

  49. itzjustamxra

    itzjustamxra4 months ago

    Me: Vibing Everyone: Vibing Foolio: Getting into it Tik Tok: *mine*

  50. Benjii Bandz

    Benjii Bandz4 months ago

    On Repeat🥶

  51. xxrealvrothersxx _

    xxrealvrothersxx _4 months ago


  52. Izim Dreamin

    Izim Dreamin4 months ago

    Bro wtf this is by foolio???!!😭😭😭

  53. Izim Dreamin

    Izim Dreamin3 months ago

    @Super Saiyan no😭✌🏽

  54. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan3 months ago

    He mad talented lmao

  55. chilliwac

    chilliwac4 months ago

    On the comeup no cap 💔❤💔❤

  56. 1k Melly

    1k Melly4 months ago

    Need this bih rn 💔😪

  57. Z1N03N

    Z1N03N4 months ago

    Fumbled the bag 😔

  58. Ace Unlimited

    Ace Unlimited4 months ago

    He was in his bag with this one

  59. chakayra white

    chakayra white4 months ago

    ngl i forgot abt this song fa a lil bit cuz he wanst dropping it back then

  60. Sofia Khan-Ramos

    Sofia Khan-Ramos4 months ago

    My dog leaving the room at night 0:18

  61. Junaid Lawrence

    Junaid Lawrence4 months ago

    Only took a year but still hits


    LILMEANJOE4 months ago


  63. Dynamo Hex

    Dynamo Hex4 months ago

    It would be 10/10 if he did the dance😂😂

  64. Caly. AP

    Caly. AP4 months ago

    In another month he will have 1 mill

  65. Anthony Castaneda

    Anthony Castaneda4 months ago

    Who’s been with foolio since open case💪🏾fuck atk

  66. mareyon

    mareyon4 months ago

    Who still listen to this in 2020 why would you play with me

  67. woodCream

    woodCream4 months ago

    i was waiting all year for this

  68. Stephen B

    Stephen B4 months ago

    You can't like if your from tiktok 💔

  69. Dutch Master

    Dutch Master4 months ago

    Putting on for da city

  70. SnoopKe1

    SnoopKe14 months ago

    love me like I'm dead

  71. Diamond Brown

    Diamond Brown4 months ago

    I been waiting for a while bro he had to drop this

  72. Alex Quintanilla

    Alex Quintanilla4 months ago


  73. darkfirehoeful gamer

    darkfirehoeful gamer4 months ago

    2 years an he finally dropped it

  74. Tripp McGee

    Tripp McGee4 months ago

    Yoooo he finally dropped this shit and I’m a month late???? Ya know if he woulda dropped this when the song got popular on tik tok who knows how many views it would have

  75. Mùrphÿ

    Mùrphÿ4 months ago

    Only people that didn’t come from tiktok can like this

  76. Tariya Denson

    Tariya Denson4 months ago

    Go hard 💗

  77. Alex Quintanilla

    Alex Quintanilla4 months ago

    favorite song ever

  78. Dolentz Fn

    Dolentz Fn5 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bruh this is one of my favorite song keep it up❤

  79. Joseph Bangura

    Joseph Bangura5 months ago

    Love it but u need to chiiiiiiiiiiiill

  80. Kenneth Lucas

    Kenneth Lucas5 months ago

    Julio is my shit love throwing you on in the gym gets me in the zone keep it up homie!!!!!

  81. Baby Miles

    Baby Miles5 months ago

    You can only like if you came from Smoove Barfours channel

  82. agustin paredes

    agustin paredes5 months ago


  83. Daniel Russell

    Daniel Russell5 months ago

    Finally is all I have to say🕺🏾🌗

  84. A P

    A P5 months ago

    If he dropped this early would’ve been way bigger

  85. tr2205

    tr22055 months ago

    Dammn how bad did she hurt u

  86. onlyfanns

    onlyfanns5 months ago


  87. zombofide V2

    zombofide V25 months ago


  88. OtfMaxx666

    OtfMaxx6665 months ago

    KTA 🇭🇹🕯🏳️ #FreeMookey

  89. dabby1209 gaming

    dabby1209 gaming5 months ago

    Bout time it dropped I been waiting since 2006 when he said he was dropping it

  90. Makayle Allen

    Makayle Allen5 months ago


  91. ThatBoyManny

    ThatBoyManny5 months ago

    bro this song just make me wanna sing this shit so loud


    GOAT KING5 months ago


  93. noodles

    noodles5 months ago

    Dude he fucked this song up so bad. Like that beat could have changed hip hop

  94. True Saucey Xai

    True Saucey Xai5 months ago

    Read some bible scriptures on love🖤

  95. jamari

    jamari5 months ago

    damn, 4 weeks ago, I missed that

  96. Erica Moore

    Erica Moore5 months ago

    I thought dis was lil durk

  97. Rk Loot

    Rk Loot5 months ago

    Will you play with me?

  98. Mandybaby

    Mandybaby5 months ago

    He needs put this on Apple Music ASAP🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Edit: I FOUND IT!!!! Boutta bang this 24/7☄️💥

  99. JonnyjJuke _III

    JonnyjJuke _III5 months ago

    Can this go on Pandora plz

  100. 999 :c

    999 :c5 months ago

    If u came from tik tok get out here bro

  101. demisdome_

    demisdome_5 months ago

    Finally been waiting

  102. Nytra

    Nytra5 months ago

    This song will never get old

  103. RaineSZN

    RaineSZN5 months ago

    Me after my crush rejects me

  104. Kerrionthagamer OK OK

    Kerrionthagamer OK OK5 months ago


  105. Kay Kayy

    Kay Kayy5 months ago

    felt dis shii on so many levels,"If the love was real ,how can it fade away?"

  106. chg caseon

    chg caseon5 months ago

    wha took so long