Foolio “Perky” Official Audio


  1. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix4 days ago

    This should be next vid

  2. Isaiah Dickens

    Isaiah Dickens6 days ago

    Man we’re this beat

  3. Yung Part

    Yung PartMonth ago

    I refuse 2 🅱️ the next homicide 💯〽️📌🎸

  4. ShakyDaBape Kid

    ShakyDaBape Kid2 months ago

    Best album of 2020 hands down

  5. Yungin Thuggin

    Yungin Thuggin2 months ago

    Underrated asf my G 🇦🇺🖤

  6. Mike Crl23

    Mike Crl232 months ago

    This some but

  7. Ismael Khatir Pichel

    Ismael Khatir Pichel3 months ago

    "stay with that wood like a lumber"

  8. Orlando Williams

    Orlando Williams3 months ago

    This so hard

  9. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt3 months ago


  10. Tave Clips

    Tave Clips3 months ago


  11. Prod.BabyXeno

    Prod.BabyXeno3 months ago

    Why the quality so low tho its at 480p

  12. OG SPMEX

    OG SPMEX3 months ago

    @Prod.BabyXeno ight my bad

  13. Prod.BabyXeno

    Prod.BabyXeno3 months ago

    @OG SPMEX Yea but Ima producer so I really pay close attention to music and I notice how it’s not high quality and it don’t sound clear and it sounds compressed so I was jus wondering why it got like that

  14. OG SPMEX

    OG SPMEX3 months ago

    It is what it is the song go hard

  15. Prod.BabyXeno

    Prod.BabyXeno3 months ago

    @OG SPMEX It’s not dumb at all, I’m trynna listen to the song and its low quality, you can’t hear it? are you deaf? look at what the quality says anyways its supposed to be at least 720p

  16. Prod.BabyXeno

    Prod.BabyXeno3 months ago

    @OG SPMEX I know bruh I aint talking about a video, I mean the audio. The video quality fits the audio quality so since its 480p the audio is low quality goofy

  17. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB3 months ago

    “My vvs flooded like a sea merchant”🙎‍♂️


    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago

    woah NHG🤧 im jp its🔥🔥

  19. Jacob Bucknell

    Jacob Bucknell3 months ago


  20. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz3 months ago

    Is it just me but his voice is lower than the beat, bro who ever supposed to handle this shit is fuckin up

  21. 2x ___

    2x ___3 months ago


  22. Keavery Reed

    Keavery Reed3 months ago


  23. Swervo Swervo

    Swervo Swervo3 months ago

    Underrated 🚶🏽‍♂️🔥🔥

  24. Jacob Krone

    Jacob Krone2 months ago


  25. elijah rodriquez

    elijah rodriquez3 months ago

    Second 🔥💯

  26. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago

    First 🔥

  27. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago