Foolio “Back In Blood” Official Video


  1. Amir :7

    Amir :7Hour ago

    lol why this song sound like a Diss to OTF for not getting there get back i am just saying

  2. Par Lean

    Par LeanHour ago


  3. Celebrate Life

    Celebrate Life4 hours ago

    1:54 I know he in hell upset lol

  4. titeyana riley

    titeyana riley10 hours ago

    back in blood is wht i meant

  5. titeyana riley

    titeyana riley10 hours ago

    Brooooooo this song is trash i don't know why he got black in blood beat heck naw this doo doo on god

  6. nick Rozell

    nick RozellDay ago


  7. Guap_ _

    Guap_ _2 hours ago

    he didnt get dissed lmao his brothers did tho

  8. toast toasted

    toast toastedDay ago


  9. kira

    kiraDay ago

    everytime i hear about this dude.. he's talking about corbin... what did he doooo💀

  10. Kadri

    KadriDay ago


  11. Ishawn Strickland

    Ishawn StricklandDay ago

    F BeBe

  12. Ishawn Strickland

    Ishawn StricklandDay ago

    F kie

  13. loyalty

    loyaltyDay ago


  14. King Drip

    King DripDay ago


  15. ineedbankrollz

    ineedbankrollzDay ago


  16. Voristic

    VoristicDay ago

    producer need to be better. come on bars are good but his voice hard to understand

  17. Davon Johnson

    Davon Johnson2 days ago

    Dude got demon in his eyes 👀

  18. Jario Entertainment

    Jario Entertainment2 days ago

    Damn you skinnier than I thought lol this was nice though 🔥

  19. dallas carmona

    dallas carmona2 days ago

    Video made in south Carolina

  20. Sage 1230

    Sage 12302 days ago

    Foolio n Ace so hard hope they both stay safe 🙏🏾🔥

  21. Joel Davis

    Joel Davis2 days ago

    Twin should've had His gun he was talking on that PS4

  22. Road Money

    Road Money2 days ago

    Who ever they beefing wit gotta be be losing lol

  23. SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS

    SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS2 days ago

    Foolio blood now?

  24. jay money

    jay money3 days ago

    y’all adin fans just getting on bro over this situation 😭, been rocking wit bro since 2017-18

  25. Scream YungCeejayy

    Scream YungCeejayy3 days ago

    Disrespectful ass diss songs😭🔥


    LUCAS BENTO3 days ago

    uuuuL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😈😈😈😈🐐🐐🐐

  27. rickey tv

    rickey tv3 days ago

    😂😂 well damn

  28. tsjius

    tsjius3 days ago

    lowkey fucked up for adin got setup by his own friends

  29. Yafrm033

    Yafrm0333 days ago


  30. Jordan S

    Jordan S3 days ago

    “Expose myself instrumental”

  31. Daruto Uzumaki

    Daruto Uzumaki3 days ago

    Julio lowkey gained some fans from adin

  32. Life Of Siiya

    Life Of Siiya3 days ago


  33. de boo

    de boo3 days ago

    "Who cant shoot a video on the opps block bitch this my shit"💢

  34. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz3 days ago

    I’m both sides they both 🔥

  35. Hothead The Taurus

    Hothead The Taurus4 days ago


  36. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa2 days ago

    @headie ones forehead and?

  37. headie ones forehead

    headie ones forehead2 days ago

    @Jay Dominaa nigga said leeke

  38. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago


  39. C-3p0

    C-3p04 days ago

    Both sides go so much talent wish they would squash this so much unnecessary blood spilled 🙏🏿

  40. prince_4lixx

    prince_4lixx4 days ago

    40 years running from bullet's like a teen

  41. dragon master

    dragon master4 days ago

    Bro was acting like he ain’t know where Corbin was..🤣😭

  42. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago

    Stop snitching

  43. Kediare

    Kediare4 days ago

    have them youngans trippin off that youngin ace and that foolio - von🧏🏽‍♂️

  44. Kediare

    Kediare3 days ago

    @Jay Dominaa he means them youngans tripping off that yungeen ace and that foolio. they dont like the beef between them. theyve had beef for a while.

  45. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago

    @Savage Kyz what did he mean bout that then

  46. Savage Kyz

    Savage Kyz3 days ago

    @Jay Dominaa von was close w ace

  47. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago

    Did von diss both of them or something

  48. Kediare

    Kediare4 days ago

    @Savage Kyz tuff- king von

  49. killa_Tyty 13

    killa_Tyty 134 days ago

    How you die on Monday first



    Bong bong

  51. Jorindal

    JorindalDay ago

    how are you verified and only have 3 likes?

  52. HaTyler

    HaTyler2 days ago

    @FightCEO 🤣

  53. FightCEO

    FightCEO4 days ago

    U came from adin😂?

  54. jetskilol

    jetskilol4 days ago

    Twin should’ve had his gun was talking on that ps4 😤

  55. Deon Pillow

    Deon Pillow5 days ago


  56. clipz

    clipz5 days ago

    you giving to much details 😅

  57. samir habar

    samir habar5 days ago

    Coming from rawsoueelt

  58. Craig Harris

    Craig Harris5 days ago

    Im dead here from the adin situation.

  59. Nayceer IQ

    Nayceer IQ5 days ago

    Foolio way more disrespectful than ace

  60. Dylan Besing

    Dylan Besing5 days ago

    Foolio always be fire🔥

  61. ant 130

    ant 1305 days ago


  62. Snubyx

    Snubyx5 days ago

    L SONG

  63. TippedRiver8251

    TippedRiver82515 days ago

    Who I smoke

  64. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago


  65. Dior

    Dior4 days ago

    Chee Chee

  66. FSM TC

    FSM TC5 days ago

    I smoke 23

  67. Jeremiah Adkins

    Jeremiah Adkins6 days ago

    Who I smoke bibby

  68. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago


  69. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago


  70. Dior

    Dior4 days ago

    Chee Chee

  71. FSM TC

    FSM TC5 days ago

    Who i smoke 23

  72. Bluebeam Gaming

    Bluebeam Gaming6 days ago

    my mova said ace was harder now i have no mova

  73. 24 Sms

    24 Sms6 days ago

    Yall all goin to jail but kool song

  74. SSB Plug

    SSB Plug6 days ago

    Dont harm adin bro

  75. Dazy Dior

    Dazy Dior7 days ago

    We killed yo homie nigga come get yo get back


    UNTOLDGRIM7 days ago

    Loranholl said he wants to kiss y’all back in blood he said

  77. Malakai Graham

    Malakai Graham7 days ago

    Popping opps like uh perk

  78. Malakai Graham

    Malakai Graham7 days ago

    Both sides disrespect I fucc wit it lol


    JIVEKJIGGA SKI6 days ago

    Atk sum cliqued ⬆️ 🤡 GOOFYZ

  80. TS Bolt

    TS Bolt7 days ago


  81. TS Bolt

    TS Bolt7 days ago


  82. Jay _TooGoated

    Jay _TooGoated8 days ago

    Bruh really self snitching but shit go hard 🔥 no 🧢

  83. Jay _TooGoated

    Jay _TooGoated8 days ago

    Foolio so underrated 😩

  84. cantguardfelix

    cantguardfelix5 days ago


  85. cdot b

    cdot b5 days ago


  86. popstar Buxk

    popstar Buxk5 days ago


  87. UgbaadMa

    UgbaadMa8 days ago

    my boyfriend loves this song and now he’s single 💯

  88. Jay Dominaa

    Jay Dominaa3 days ago

    This make sense 🤔

  89. • Kappz•

    • Kappz•7 days ago

    i see you under every video saying that .

  90. JRDAN AJ

    JRDAN AJ8 days ago

    U lame

  91. UgbaadMa

    UgbaadMa8 days ago

    hell nawl , get tf away from owa bloc fool fuc wrong wit yu , youn mess w an opp tf

  92. Ian Willis

    Ian Willis8 days ago

    Ayye I was the 1 million view

  93. evolves _e

    evolves _e8 days ago

    i was the 1m view

  94. DemiTy

    DemiTy8 days ago

    The reason for Who I Smoke

  95. Caleb_off

    Caleb_off8 days ago

    bro said 💉your brother like a 👩‍⚕️ 😳 😳

  96. Aixspy ok

    Aixspy ok8 days ago


  97. Jafar

    Jafar9 days ago

    ik yall adin ross fans up in here tryna see who foolio is lmaooo

  98. R2 is Nutz

    R2 is Nutz9 hours ago

    I ain't a adin ross or Foolio fan but I did come here from that thing they had goin I did even know either of em before it


    ABSTR4CT COD15 hours ago

    It’s crazy cause I found out about foolio a day b4 the Adin shit 😂

  100. Wooster H

    Wooster HDay ago

    So you?

  101. JzGrind

    JzGrind2 days ago

    @Vlacxz fax lool

  102. Vlacxz

    Vlacxz4 days ago

    That’s me this dudes music is fire tho I’m not going to lie

  103. Rivaldo Clarke

    Rivaldo Clarke9 days ago


  104. youngin raww

    youngin raww9 days ago

    Seen you at 999k so let me get you to 1m

  105. MrAmbition2

    MrAmbition29 days ago

    😭😭def appreciate that Caris Levert s/o arguably the most underrated player in the NBA

  106. Bucs Threetwo

    Bucs Threetwo9 days ago

    Yo this shit to hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  107. Isaac Cummings

    Isaac Cummings10 days ago

    Foolio ass I'm sorry😭😭

  108. Bangout_ Jay

    Bangout_ Jay10 days ago

    Dis y why they drop who I smoke 😂😂

  109. Bruno Bucciarati

    Bruno Bucciarati7 days ago

    But back in blood by yungeen ace is the reason why he dropped this

  110. Tre' Lavon

    Tre' Lavon9 days ago

    @5 SWAZY easy idgaf about what they got goin on but one song crank harder than the other 🤣🤣

  111. 5 SWAZY

    5 SWAZY9 days ago

    @Tre' Lavon how you a hater and a fan ???

  112. Tre' Lavon

    Tre' Lavon9 days ago

    no cap they sht harder than this 😭😭

  113. AKM1994

    AKM199410 days ago

    Dude look like a salamander

  114. Narieo G 10th

    Narieo G 10th6 days ago


  115. Ashey Buttcheek

    Ashey Buttcheek10 days ago

    foolio and youngeen ace that would be a banger 904

  116. Dre Fullwood

    Dre Fullwood11 days ago

    This is hard tho ain't gonna lie I'm keep both sidez in my prayers they got so much talent 🔥🏆💝🙏🏾💪🏿💯

  117. Awakeun

    Awakeun2 days ago

    @Eric Wiley yung aceenn however u spell it

  118. Eric Wiley

    Eric Wiley2 days ago

    Who he beefing with

  119. cdot b

    cdot b3 days ago


  120. PostJoker3K

    PostJoker3K4 days ago

    Me too

  121. Kadin Shepperson

    Kadin Shepperson6 days ago


  122. rack racerK

    rack racerK11 days ago

    Smoking trey d

  123. Ymbnate Pullens

    Ymbnate Pullens11 days ago

    who I smoke BIBBY

  124. Ymbnate Pullens

    Ymbnate Pullens5 days ago

    @Glynn Neal 😂😂

  125. Ymbnate Pullens

    Ymbnate Pullens5 days ago

    @Glynn Neal 😂😂

  126. Randatcheckupg_ _

    Randatcheckupg_ _11 days ago

    @Glynn Neal facccs 😂

  127. Glynn Neal

    Glynn Neal11 days ago

    This way better then that soft ah shit 😂

  128. lilbird dollars

    lilbird dollars11 days ago

    Who I smoke 🕺🕺🕺🕺

  129. Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota11 days ago

    Here...!!! Choose me and help me, please, take me with you... 30/03/2021


    JuUl jEwL KaT A NATION REBORN11 days ago

    So Florida the new Chicago now?

  131. Lawan Hawkins

    Lawan Hawkins11 days ago

    That "Who I Smoke" Tho🔥🔥🔥🔥

  132. Zadkel Wright Jr

    Zadkel Wright Jr8 days ago


  133. Kamarious Clark

    Kamarious Clark12 days ago

    He be dry snitching 🤣🤣🤣

  134. supy

    supy12 days ago

    I bet this shit trash 😂

  135. Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota12 days ago

    Here...!!! Choose me and help me, please, take me with you... o/ 29/03/2021

  136. 900 Dre

    900 Dre13 days ago

    goin fed

  137. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards13 days ago

    " Yall let Corbin get kidnapped and still aint find him "

  138. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards9 days ago

    @Zurich Foreman this the only song I like by him

  139. Zurich Foreman

    Zurich Foreman9 days ago

    It’s so wrong but it’s too funny rest up Corbin

  140. Jimmy Jump

    Jimmy Jump10 days ago


  141. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards11 days ago

    @Glynn Neal when I heard that I couldn't stop laughing 😂 🤣

  142. Glynn Neal

    Glynn Neal11 days ago


  143. TheReal Sensei

    TheReal Sensei16 days ago

    I’m skatelife239 on Instagram I feel special you read my shit out loud lmao

  144. Christian R

    Christian R18 days ago

    KTA KEEP SLIDIN TILL AL DEM ATK NICCAS GONE🥷🏼💯 #freebigmurda #freeslugga

  145. Young Mobb

    Young Mobb18 days ago

    So he gd ?

  146. Luh Dee

    Luh Dee3 days ago

    he dropping eastside K

  147. Baby Teflon

    Baby Teflon18 days ago

    He do cap u can tell he ain’t smashing shit😂but he got a lil sum fa the rap getting views like this I guess

  148. Elesa Nurse

    Elesa Nurse18 days ago

    Florida shit🤘

  149. youthgw

    youthgw19 days ago

    a real demon >:)

  150. Gary Williams

    Gary Williams20 days ago

    This the hardest back in blood

  151. Quality Seeker

    Quality Seeker2 days ago

    Definitely the most ruthless

  152. Cristian Gonzalez

    Cristian Gonzalez10 days ago

    You went too far buddy, this shit is weaker than my pfp

  153. paul haddock

    paul haddock21 day ago

    Bless moncreif ✝️🙏

  154. Trevon Griffin

    Trevon Griffin21 day ago

    The nigga said they can’t grieve inside the church at the funeral lol wtf

  155. Alan Joe

    Alan Joe23 days ago

    Same title same beat as 22Gz Song wtf 🤯

  156. • Kappz•

    • Kappz•21 day ago

    Bro that’s not 22gz beat💀. It’s literally a remix

  157. Shon

    Shon23 days ago

    Because they’re both remixing Pooh Shiesty’s song.