Foolio “Kobe” Official Video


  1. That SI Kid

    That SI Kid14 hours ago

    Goat 🔥🔥

  2. Carla Wicks

    Carla Wicks6 days ago

    i raw 6

  3. ManMan TheKid

    ManMan TheKid6 days ago

    “An all the oops like Tyler Perry niggaz be acting to me” fuccin goofy “ 🔥🔥😈

  4. Adonis Joe

    Adonis Joe8 days ago

    Will you please make a song with sauce walker or sada baby or tec or Kodak 💯💯 no fake ass niggas like nba

  5. Adonis Joe

    Adonis Joe8 days ago

    Foolio it’s time for do some more collabs

  6. Antiwon Herron

    Antiwon Herron9 days ago

    Im sorry he might be gangster but he a hater

  7. Lil Juice

    Lil Juice19 days ago

    @julio foolio Boy you slid this bihh my nigga 🔯6️⃣😈

  8. Jaylyn Kelly

    Jaylyn Kelly20 days ago

    “Them crcakas will hang u jhit from yo head to yo feet”😬🔥

  9. D Cruse

    D Cruse23 days ago


  10. NYC AJ

    NYC AJ24 days ago

    This is a lil baby type beat on god

  11. Elevated

    Elevated27 days ago


  12. D Cam

    D Cam28 days ago

    I fw dude but he wear the same shirt all the time main

  13. Norman Dalman

    Norman DalmanMonth ago

    Glad to hear the voodoo time era flow back

  14. Trappo Wizop

    Trappo WizopMonth ago

    “Jit you not a threat if you was would of been pull up to yo street” 😈🖤

  15. Joshua Chambers

    Joshua ChambersMonth ago

    Jit ahh been snappin lately💪

  16. TheRealLondonHaze Inc.

    TheRealLondonHaze Inc.Month ago

    Welp I def like this one 😂❤️

  17. anthony allen

    anthony allenMonth ago


  18. Par Lean

    Par LeanMonth ago


  19. Par Lean

    Par LeanMonth ago


  20. the5ftgoddess

    the5ftgoddessMonth ago

    He say he don’t wanna end up in the dirt or a shirt shiiiiittttt I can’t tell 😂

  21. Austin

    Austin14 days ago


  22. ced Way

    ced WayMonth ago

    Foolio is the Chicago version of drilling in Florida

  23. Travis Mannix

    Travis MannixMonth ago

    "Ain't gon be no Instagram thuggin in that grave"

  24. Pozke

    PozkeMonth ago

    Like 69 u is a troll😂

  25. Travis Hudnell

    Travis HudnellMonth ago

    That video was in town park at rainbow Nd the other prt in da wood

  26. Tarrin Cantlon

    Tarrin CantlonMonth ago

    I can’t find it on Apple Music bruh

  27. BURQUE 505 RISK1 VGP

    BURQUE 505 RISK1 VGPMonth ago


  28. ManMan TheKid

    ManMan TheKidMonth ago

    “An all the ops like Tyler Perry niggas be acting to me” fuccin goofy”🔥🔥🔥

  29. Recclesspdx

    RecclesspdxMonth ago

    Real BANGMAN😁

  30. Keys To the city

    Keys To the cityMonth ago

    Keys to the city checking in 💯😎 shit heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏾🖤🦾


    IamKILLASWAGGMonth ago

    Foolio on they azz😳🤣🔥🥶

  32. Santana Fetty

    Santana FettyMonth ago

    Julio realer than ace...seen gangster at store I fuck wit him....352 Shit💯

  33. cheez stick

    cheez stickMonth ago

    If this wasn't your first time listening to the song you can like👉

  34. SheLuv Msg

    SheLuv MsgMonth ago




    🔥 🔥



    We need dat back in blood😈

  37. selfmade deshun

    selfmade deshunMonth ago

  38. Rynell Early

    Rynell EarlyMonth ago

    We smokeing on bibby

  39. PURPP 12

    PURPP 12Month ago

    Smoking on 23

  40. Rynell Early

    Rynell EarlyMonth ago

    Big23 Atk

  41. Rynell Early

    Rynell EarlyMonth ago

    Fuck kta

  42. Keysleazy NWNB

    Keysleazy NWNBMonth ago

    Smokinnnn on LEKEEEEEEEEEEE 😂

  43. Keysleazy NWNB

    Keysleazy NWNBMonth ago


  44. King Jones

    King JonesMonth ago

    Drop that back in blood remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. John Parker

    John ParkerMonth ago

    Too time to all my towers 4 Life

  46. Swavee Jayy

    Swavee JayyMonth ago

    Boy been spazzin lately 🔥🔥

  47. GanG LanD

    GanG LanDMonth ago

    Pooh shysty an foolio need to do a song ona G that shit would be 🔥 they both my fav period 💯💯🔥🔥

  48. Lil J

    Lil JMonth ago

    Yungeen ace- every night I hope for the best, every day I prepare for the worse/pain. Foolio- every night I pray for the best, every night I prepare for the worse.

  49. Poodytang

    PoodytangMonth ago

    Foolio underatted

  50. Iruthless 101

    Iruthless 101Month ago

    Anymore "splat" flows ?

  51. Dre Honchoo

    Dre HonchooMonth ago

    Young GOAT

  52. ld_swajjur

    ld_swajjurMonth ago

    “All in my business all in my poccets, damn big bruh you old” 😂😭💀

  53. Jb Allen

    Jb AllenMonth ago

    My nigga don’t enough credit

  54. No Limit Troy

    No Limit TroyMonth ago

    Can you put this on Apple Music 🥴

  55. Christopher Jefferson

    Christopher JeffersonMonth ago


  56. Dark Tint

    Dark TintMonth ago


  57. rotweilerdc

    rotweilerdcMonth ago

    Toughest anorexic ever 💪🏾

  58. 1-man -army

    1-man -armyMonth ago


  59. Marco Santana

    Marco SantanaMonth ago

    Every morning I pray for the best every night I prepare for the worst 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Reaper gang Dee

    Reaper gang DeeMonth ago


  61. EZ SaV___

    EZ SaV___Month ago

    I miss FL man....

  62. Brent Quarterman

    Brent QuartermanMonth ago

    Jitt be go n 🤞🏾

  63. quando rondo on xbox

    quando rondo on xboxMonth ago

    Foolio where can I buy some Merch

  64. k. Johnny

    k. JohnnyMonth ago

    I swear if all Florida rappers was cool with each other. Y’all state would be impossible and up there with Atlanta frfr

  65. Kingston Myrick

    Kingston Myrick27 days ago

    @Zay J Florida and Louisiana all I listen to 💯

  66. Kenny Morten

    Kenny Morten29 days ago


  67. Zay J

    Zay JMonth ago

    Florida got the best artist

  68. k. Johnny

    k. JohnnyMonth ago

    @Levi Bourne yep shit beyond divided

  69. Levi Bourne

    Levi BourneMonth ago

    Frrrrr they all hard man shame most of em beefing they really don’t see the bigger picture 🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. Keemie Bryant

    Keemie BryantMonth ago

    The mans stay dropping heat

  71. James Harden

    James HardenMonth ago


  72. James Harden

    James HardenMonth ago


  73. lil bw

    lil bwMonth ago

    My .nigga foolio go hard💪💪

  74. F L A C K O

    F L A C K OMonth ago

    Smoking mari 🗣💨⛽️

  75. Lil Dave

    Lil DaveMonth ago


  76. Lil Dave

    Lil DaveMonth ago


  77. Matthew Marquez Marquez

    Matthew Marquez MarquezMonth ago

    6 go dumb

  78. Big RICH

    Big RICHMonth ago

    This boa been goin crazy💨💯

  79. Yung Dbn

    Yung DbnMonth ago


  80. Dire Wolffs

    Dire WolffsMonth ago

    Heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯‼️

  81. Jeremiah Joordan

    Jeremiah JoordanMonth ago

    Yo my mom met this guy up in Florida her name is Jessica

  82. Demitrus Bailey

    Demitrus BaileyMonth ago


  83. EverySlimePlayNasty

    EverySlimePlayNastyMonth ago


  84. The realist

    The realistMonth ago

    Foolio stop putting 🔥 music out gang 💯👍🏾

  85. Junior Benjamin

    Junior BenjaminMonth ago


  86. C Will

    C WillMonth ago

    The sneaky dis to 69 😂🤣

  87. dretta Brown

    dretta BrownMonth ago

    It was direct

  88. RakkRacer Rell

    RakkRacer RellMonth ago

    0:29 Cojakk ass still a kid at heart😂😂💯

  89. babyzoe

    babyzoeMonth ago

    Go dumb 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. L J

    L JMonth ago

    I gotta stop sleepin on yu Brodie yu raw asl

  91. L J

    L JMonth ago

    Brodie raw asl 🔥

  92. Green on Fendi

    Green on FendiMonth ago

    nigga underrated as hell

  93. Devaughn Grant

    Devaughn GrantMonth ago

    Big 6

  94. Devaughn Grant

    Devaughn GrantMonth ago

    Big 🎱

  95. Simara Williams

    Simara WilliamsMonth ago

    Mannnn Foolio so Underrated!!!!...Love my Self som Lil6😘🤑

  96. reloadon60fps

    reloadon60fpsMonth ago


  97. 7810 Fai Finesse FG

    7810 Fai Finesse FGMonth ago

    Bruh don’t miss 💯

  98. 1kk._niya

    1kk._niyaMonth ago

    "surrounded by steppas i got control, like 6ix9ine u a troll'' DAMN

  99. kayy and J

    kayy and JMonth ago

    Niggas sleeping on foolio this bitch go hard asf no kap

  100. Snell Hawk

    Snell HawkMonth ago

    Sliding in a scatt with the Mac in the back 🖤🖤🖤

  101. sfsjaymo dasteppa

    sfsjaymo dasteppaMonth ago

    He so slept on🔥🔥🔥💯

  102. Bryant Smith

    Bryant SmithMonth ago

  103. Migo Ortiz

    Migo OrtizMonth ago

    Duuuuvallllll represent , 904 southside forever east Coast luxury

  104. Dizzle

    DizzleMonth ago

    Where da deluxe at

  105. Keith Lomax

    Keith LomaxMonth ago

    Keep going!!! N b eazy!!!

  106. Keith Lomax

    Keith LomaxMonth ago

    Keep grinding

  107. Bryant Smith

    Bryant SmithMonth ago

  108. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb JacksonMonth ago

    Showed up and showed out on this one Cuhh. Love from st.Louis Mo

  109. Bryant Smith

    Bryant SmithMonth ago

  110. 6rok3_vbx3z

    6rok3_vbx3zMonth ago

    foolio underated frl

  111. Blackpug

    BlackpugMonth ago

    Been witcha since u n my brother jayso rap💪🏾