Foolio “Pain&Pressure” Official Audio


  1. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix4 days ago

    Real shit how can anyone with ears that work deny Foolio better then Ace singing ass atp fa real

  2. Dreadheadedsteppa

    Dreadheadedsteppa19 days ago

    Been lookin for dis 💯

  3. Ronin Playz

    Ronin Playz29 days ago

    Versatile asf 🎋🎥

  4. Yungeen_cj

    Yungeen_cjMonth ago


  5. Dark Tint

    Dark TintMonth ago

    Hood Classic🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥🎤🎶

  6. Jeremiah Whitnell

    Jeremiah WhitnellMonth ago

    I am not human, I am not perfect, sometimes I be wrong

  7. Otf Flacko

    Otf FlackoMonth ago


  8. Gianni Mills

    Gianni MillsMonth ago


  9. Gee Mckoy

    Gee MckoyMonth ago

    R.I.P Dirk Bitch.. We Hop Out & Shirt Shit🤞 On Lil Bro💔

  10. Getwhxcked

    GetwhxckedMonth ago

    the open mic version better

  11. Jose vasquez

    Jose vasquez27 days ago


  12. Dknight Yt

    Dknight YtMonth ago

    Big 6️⃣

  13. Zhyaire Smith

    Zhyaire SmithMonth ago

    This song only go good if your car got leather seats in it. I'm weird like that.

  14. Mykee _

    Mykee _2 months ago


  15. Luis Vela

    Luis Vela2 months ago

    Me Nigga

  16. headshot 00

    headshot 002 months ago

    Foolio hard asf 🔥🔥🔥💯

  17. Evil Angel

    Evil Angel2 months ago

    Still poppin 🔥 🔥 asf much foolio 🖤🖤🖤

  18. Deon Sellers

    Deon Sellers2 months ago

    Say 😁!!

  19. Tyler N9ggare

    Tyler N9ggare2 months ago

    If you out that nation like this ima get at you

  20. michgale mitchell

    michgale mitchell2 months ago

    Keep going hard Blood

  21. niko

    niko2 months ago


  22. ykk eman

    ykk eman2 months ago

    Ive been waiting for hem to drop dis shit😭🔥🔥

  23. Jackson Family

    Jackson Family2 months ago

    Yeahhhh 😈

  24. Mako Nuisance

    Mako Nuisance2 months ago

    All my niggas thuggin

  25. Klubb Cashh

    Klubb Cashh2 months ago

    Most slept on rapper🚫🧢

  26. steve o

    steve o2 months ago

    This the banger 🤧🔥🔥🔥

  27. Anb Mookie

    Anb Mookie3 months ago


  28. Micheal Jordan23

    Micheal Jordan233 months ago


  29. F o r X v e r F a Z e YT

    F o r X v e r F a Z e YT3 months ago

    why all his junc 3:00 minutes gang?

  30. KenBeGoated

    KenBeGoated2 months ago

    ykk eman 12

  31. ykk eman

    ykk eman2 months ago

    @Alex he didnt some otha ppl from y&r did they just taking the credit so the niggas who did do it the shade or w.e aint on dem kuz 12 always investigating and etc

  32. Alex

    Alex2 months ago

    Cuz he killed 3 of ace brother ma

  33. Pookie Osama

    Pookie Osama3 months ago


  34. Pollo Pollo

    Pollo Pollo3 months ago

    He slide bruh under rated aff😪💯he finna blow up tho😌

  35. Lay Zoe

    Lay Zoe3 months ago


  36. Jovanni Hernandez

    Jovanni Hernandez3 months ago

    This song hit different🐐🌴🅱️

  37. Rockhead Jigga

    Rockhead Jigga3 months ago



    GTA KILLER3 months ago

    Tb flow

  39. Califa916

    Califa9163 months ago

    🔥🔥 on god

  40. Emerson Jackman

    Emerson Jackman3 months ago


  41. wbc panthers

    wbc panthers3 months ago

    first album i came to today 🥶

  42. Desmond Teague

    Desmond Teague3 months ago


  43. Lil Modak Black

    Lil Modak Black3 months ago

    "my cup muddy!!!"

  44. Dustin Lauramore

    Dustin Lauramore3 months ago


  45. Dustin Lauramore

    Dustin Lauramore3 months ago

    Aye this fire

  46. Jonathan Umanzor

    Jonathan Umanzor3 months ago


  47. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith3 months ago

    U snapped cuh

  48. AntTayla NoGang

    AntTayla NoGang3 months ago

    2 bad we wasn't hooping together in hilltop nigga we would've been took over that rap shit. I stayed right across from pookie and Ron Ron n dem boyz nigga

  49. Juan Delacruz

    Juan Delacruz3 months ago

    Gana be butthurt asf when you start withdrawing off them pain pills lmao. Trust me. Every song talking about opiates. Shit ain't no joke. Js

  50. juniornac1

    juniornac1Month ago

    Juan Delacruz These jitts don’t realize big bro

  51. Juan Delacruz

    Juan DelacruzMonth ago

    @William Rogers spoken like a true 85 IQ

  52. William Rogers

    William RogersMonth ago

    U a lame fr. No withdrawal if u never come down..

  53. Nlmb maniac

    Nlmb maniac3 months ago

    Dirty stick flow 🤝😪

  54. Im Variss

    Im Variss3 months ago

    🎱 Yk a lil sum

  55. Junebug Really

    Junebug Really3 months ago

    6 you the hottest coming out of jacksonville🔥🔥


    AKEEM RHYNES2 months ago


  57. Jove Tory

    Jove Tory3 months ago

    Muito bom 🔥🔥🔥☄

  58. Da kid Flexer

    Da kid Flexer3 months ago

    Like if foolio da goat 🦅🎱🖤


    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago


  60. jrock senpai

    jrock senpai3 months ago


  61. 2x ___

    2x ___3 months ago

    Is it jus me or the quality bad tho?

  62. ProdByDj

    ProdByDj2 months ago

    The way he rendered it. remind me of 360p & 240p unless the songs were rendered in low quality

  63. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB3 months ago

    Yeah he needs te upload them one song ain have no audio

  64. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz3 months ago

    Something wrong I swear

  65. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago

  66. ATRAiN904

    ATRAiN9043 months ago

    Duval winning right now lets go check my yt but foolio you slidin lets go 💪🎯✔

  67. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago

    Who else up listening to Julio Foolio? 🔥🤔

  68. AK EAZY

    AK EAZYMonth ago

    Who isn’t 6 😈

  69. anthony herry

    anthony herryMonth ago

    Lol on my way to work

  70. GetOffSnxgz

    GetOffSnxgzMonth ago


  71. Jaden bradley

    Jaden bradleyMonth ago

    his name is foolio not julio thts just his instagram name

  72. Eduardo Cortes

    Eduardo CortesMonth ago

    Me 🙋🏻‍♂️

  73. Roberto Santiago

    Roberto Santiago3 months ago


  74. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago