Foolio “On My Own” Official Audio

Top Conniver EP
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  1. Kayla Willis

    Kayla WillisMonth ago

    💯Real Shit

  2. Julio Reyes

    Julio Reyes4 months ago

    Can y’all get this tape on SoundCloud ASAP

  3. Lil Krucial

    Lil Krucial5 months ago

    Rod wave onnis 🥶🔥

  4. Tay Tay

    Tay Tay5 months ago

    Diss one hit ahh lil different 🥺💔

  5. zahmiera Marrible

    zahmiera Marrible3 months ago

    wrd up 😩

  6. Quan Gokrazy

    Quan Gokrazy8 months ago

    Wats the beat called anybody knows

  7. Daily Gossip

    Daily Gossip8 months ago


  8. Austin Farrell

    Austin Farrell9 months ago

    Kinda Sounds like heart on ice

  9. ronbenjamins

    ronbenjamins9 months ago


  10. Dex The Man

    Dex The Man9 months ago

    Nigga wasn’t you trynna call ace a singing nigga

  11. Damon Brown

    Damon Brown9 months ago

    This mans music makes me want to throw some money and blessing his way. I felt genuineness. If only I had a label and the paper work...........

  12. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay9 months ago

    Been waiting on dis BIG kta😈

  13. prod. elaye

    prod. elaye9 months ago

    prod. me, drell & foreiign808

  14. Zack Criss

    Zack Criss9 months ago

    Fye!!! Best song on the Mixtape!!!!

  15. Imagine

    Imagine9 months ago

    stick to yo flow bru

  16. Still Scoping

    Still Scoping9 months ago

    Yo , support the kid will ya, dropping music show some love ; follow me on Instagram @therealpeninsula

  17. QRN TAE

    QRN TAE9 months ago

    Yall just dont know this man go thru so much I swear to God and everybody hate him for no reason the way I see it!!

  18. Keef Chief

    Keef Chief9 months ago


  19. Kenneth Lucas

    Kenneth Lucas9 months ago

    Yo HUGE supporter of your music! Love working out to it keep it up brother!!!

  20. Bam Vernell

    Bam Vernell9 months ago

    ben waitin fo dis🐐🦶🏾

  21. Carlowe Carter

    Carlowe Carter9 months ago

    Freedom of speach

  22. Elizabeth Huston

    Elizabeth Huston9 months ago


  23. Rich M9

    Rich M99 months ago


  24. mr unknown

    mr unknown9 months ago

    is this on spotify

  25. L’a Julio

    L’a Julio9 months ago

    Asking for a feature or vice versa soon 💯🗣🤙🏻

  26. TrackStar Scooby

    TrackStar Scooby9 months ago

    Ion even wanna listen to future shit rn

  27. Lee Miller

    Lee Miller9 months ago


  28. Sharod Brown

    Sharod Brown9 months ago

    I fucks with foolio music I just like the real that shit you can feel

  29. Zz Jay-

    Zz Jay-9 months ago

    I like this one🥶🔥

  30. Brent Quarterman

    Brent Quarterman9 months ago

    Pain something we all tooooooo well 6 spitting it how he feel

  31. life of khia

    life of khia9 months ago


  32. Band Man

    Band Man9 months ago

    How my favorite rapper cappin If my favorite rappers u and cash Kidd

  33. L’a Julio

    L’a Julio9 months ago


  34. Fredo Vi

    Fredo Vi9 months ago

    Foolio Be Snappin

  35. JmoneyDa Savage

    JmoneyDa Savage9 months ago

    This a banger jit🗣️🖤

  36. john roberts

    john roberts9 months ago

    Sliding frfr Jacksonville Florida

  37. Sinclair Gary

    Sinclair Gary9 months ago

    IAM keep my Dawgs names alive.

  38. PressureDot

    PressureDot9 months ago

    This the best song on the album 💯🔥

  39. Bno Cap

    Bno Cap9 months ago


  40. Da head Youngin

    Da head Youngin9 months ago


  41. Raccie

    Raccie9 months ago

    U singing a little tab bit to much

  42. Jonathan Baird

    Jonathan Baird9 months ago

    Anything can happen and what kinda trail do u wanna leave? I know your hearts a leader so lead them in the right direction. Idk shit but u can be a instrument of the Lord. What kind of trail do u wanna leave

  43. King

    King9 months ago

    Yes sir 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shine bright my nigga ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  44. Jonathan Baird

    Jonathan Baird9 months ago

    I love u foolio but bro pick yo fuckin head up i dont like always hearing you sad or angry. G up bru u good right. The past over bruh be happy please man u a trip

  45. AAC Spams L2

    AAC Spams L29 months ago

    jhit u gone be the greatest

  46. Rabbit Gaming

    Rabbit GamingMonth ago

    @Andr6w2x we from Florida lmao we spell it different

  47. Cheapest Recoveries

    Cheapest Recoveries6 months ago

    @MRMC agreed

  48. MRMC

    MRMC9 months ago

    @Andr6w2x I think souf flowda saw "jhit" but upchea we say jit

  49. Andr6w2x

    Andr6w2x9 months ago

    But yea🤣🙏🏻6️⃣

  50. Andr6w2x

    Andr6w2x9 months ago

    AAC Spams L2 jit*

  51. Kap Kuttthroat

    Kap Kuttthroat9 months ago

    Put the tape on Apple Music ❗️❗️

  52. jvyden vllen

    jvyden vllen9 months ago

    Kap Kuttthroat its in there now

  53. Montaa

    Montaa9 months ago


  54. Anthony1k _

    Anthony1k _9 months ago

    Kap Kuttthroat fax

  55. jvyden vllen

    jvyden vllen9 months ago


  56. laylow

    laylow9 months ago

    6 👿

  57. K ebk Lito

    K ebk Lito9 months ago


  58. Tyler Armstrong

    Tyler Armstrong9 months ago


  59. iiexposeyewwツ

    iiexposeyewwツ9 months ago


  60. Andr6w2x

    Andr6w2x9 months ago


  61. Tyler Armstrong

    Tyler Armstrong9 months ago

    @Lil Dreezy nigga's be playing out here 🤣

  62. Lil Dreezy

    Lil Dreezy9 months ago

    Tyler Armstrong 😂😂

  63. Tyler Armstrong

    Tyler Armstrong9 months ago

    What fuck nigga


    WORLDCLASS CUP9 months ago


  65. Dariontaye Priester

    Dariontaye Priester9 months ago


  66. Broward County

    Broward County9 months ago

    Dis shit hard bra💔

  67. Chris Sidverson

    Chris Sidverson9 months ago

    you broke his heart in 💔

  68. Chris Sidverson

    Chris Sidverson9 months ago


  69. Sparkzzz Rivera

    Sparkzzz Rivera9 months ago

    Goat ong