Foolio “Fastlife” Official Video


  1. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee23 hours ago

    Can you drop headshot on USlikes

  2. Martin McCall

    Martin McCall11 days ago

    He made that on my birthday

  3. Afnfken

    Afnfken20 days ago

    What’s the beat im tryna freestyle

  4. Guero Jimenez

    Guero Jimenez22 days ago

    🔥💯 🐐

  5. TheRealLondonHaze Inc.

    TheRealLondonHaze Inc.Month ago

    “I”... Swear I never remembered...Seeing HIM.. He might be from @1646@❤️☕️💨🎶❤️

  6. Yxng Mel

    Yxng MelMonth ago

    Why erbody tryna kill they brudda 😭😭

  7. • THREAT•

    • THREAT•16 days ago

    They be playing creep bro🤣

  8. The Official Pooh

    The Official PoohMonth ago

    I play this song and Kendre Alston when I’m finna get into some shit🤣🤣🤙🏽❗️💙

  9. Jordan Williams

    Jordan WilliamsMonth ago

    He sold his soul

  10. Jordan Williams

    Jordan WilliamsMonth ago

    @• THREAT• lil homie how I’m weird you weird for replying

  11. • THREAT•

    • THREAT•Month ago

    U weird asf

  12. ズノ尺ノ刀ズム

    ズノ尺ノ刀ズムMonth ago


  13. KDJ Gaming channel

    KDJ Gaming channel2 months ago


  14. Jerry Hicks

    Jerry Hicks3 months ago

    Everybody needa turn dis shi back up rq he slid


    4ETHEBWAY LLTT3 months ago

    Been rocking w my boy foolio since he made crooks he way better den then what’s they name

  16. Ciara Jefferson

    Ciara Jefferson3 months ago

    just when you think he slayed his latest song; he drops the next one, periodddd. 😆 fooley showin' out fr! keep doing ya thing boy, we see youuu! 😜 🔥💯🦅🎱🖤

  17. Pakman Jitt

    Pakman Jitt3 months ago


  18. anthony allen

    anthony allen3 months ago


  19. _vToxic

    _vToxic3 months ago


  20. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan3 months ago


  21. 4PF -LEWIS

    4PF -LEWIS3 months ago



    DEMETRI TURNER3 months ago


  23. Rahul Anche

    Rahul Anche3 months ago


  24. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams4 months ago

    hit em up was greatest beef song ever until i heard f that omg new greatest beef song in history hands down period

  25. vspokes

    vspokes4 months ago

    dude snitched on hisself 😭😭😭😭

  26. TBG Tru3 Rap TV

    TBG Tru3 Rap TV4 months ago

    Betta slow down on em perkyz

  27. LarryWhiteAsh

    LarryWhiteAsh4 months ago

    This shi go harddd TAMPA

  28. Jayo Sosa

    Jayo Sosa4 months ago

    inda 813 yes lawdy🖤4️⃣

  29. Eric SaintLouis

    Eric SaintLouis4 months ago

    when i sing this song i fill like i wanna drill

  30. Max K

    Max K4 months ago

    Yessir Tampa Flawda baby we up next. Keep putting on fa Flawda

  31. lazy boyz

    lazy boyz4 months ago

    I always said Florida niggas on Detroit beats be hard asf.. Kodak and hellava got some heat

  32. lazy boyz

    lazy boyz4 months ago

    Detroit beat

  33. Afnfken

    Afnfken20 days ago

    What’s the beat link ?


    GRIM LOCK4 months ago

    Foolio underrated forreal

  35. Martin Rubio

    Martin Rubio4 months ago

    Where my Mexicans fans at 💯🔥🔥🔥🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽✊🏽💪🏽

  36. Hustle Man

    Hustle Man5 months ago

    Gang shit big S/O FROM COLUMBIA SC 🖤🖤🖤

  37. James Brown

    James Brown5 months ago

  38. Nathan Ruiz

    Nathan Ruiz5 months ago

    "you can't see me in this scat, man I feel like john cena" shit was HARD.

  39. Queen Honey

    Queen Honey5 months ago

    Baby went hardddddd

  40. Selene Cejas

    Selene Cejas5 months ago

    U snap on every song broski u gonna make it up there soon!!🔥🔥

  41. James Brown

    James Brown5 months ago

  42. Rod Me

    Rod Me5 months ago

    Ok g

  43. STK Baby Shotta

    STK Baby Shotta5 months ago

    Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

  44. Clay Byerly

    Clay Byerly5 months ago

    Killed my dawg killed three of y’all guess we over equal, real shit kso and ace a bitch

  45. Jay Hay

    Jay Hay5 months ago

    Lit asf

  46. Theotis White

    Theotis White5 months ago

    6️⃣ the GOAt

  47. NFN Loe 6lock

    NFN Loe 6lock5 months ago

    The beat needa be louder

  48. Micflare

    Micflare5 months ago


  49. litspiritual

    litspiritual5 months ago


  50. James Brown

    James Brown5 months ago

  51. Jared Russ

    Jared Russ5 months ago

    Can say what you want but nigga be snappin no 🧢

  52. Lil Zach

    Lil Zach5 months ago


  53. Tristan Savage

    Tristan Savage5 months ago

    Looks like the same spot in O-Town I went to 2 weeks ago when I was fresh out but still fucking with your music coming from 321 Bound🔥

  54. James Brown

    James Brown5 months ago

  55. nuke anderson

    nuke anderson5 months ago

    the police sirens at the beginning get me everytime 😂

  56. E HBK

    E HBK5 months ago

    Add me to dat group chat 6 damn

  57. Joshua Mckinney

    Joshua Mckinney5 months ago

    Shot the video in tampa

  58. SB Skooly2

    SB Skooly25 months ago

    Hardest song dropped n 2020

  59. Official LostTapez

    Official LostTapez5 months ago

    That boy eyes tell it all FOOLIO TO COLD💯

  60. Nothing else mater

    Nothing else mater5 months ago


  61. obabyj4

    obabyj45 months ago


  62. Nick Marrone

    Nick Marrone5 months ago

    Out of all the rappers in jax rn, foolio has the most potential. Dope flow and real lyrics. All he gotta do is learn to structure a song and hell take off.

  63. Polo. Cojakk

    Polo. Cojakk5 months ago

    It only take a call my lil brother dem start spinning🖤

  64. yagger bobs

    yagger bobs5 months ago

    Best out of KTA

  65. OtfMaxx666

    OtfMaxx6665 months ago

    Killed My Dawg & Killed 3 Of Yalls 😂🔥🏳️

  66. OtfMaxx666

    OtfMaxx6665 months ago

    KTA 🏳️ #FreeMookey

  67. Buccbrand 813

    Buccbrand 8135 months ago

    Who else noticed 6 shot this video in Tampa 💯 #Hillsborough2Duval

  68. 9 9 9 4L

    9 9 9 4L5 months ago

    🐐 352

  69. JayThaTruth

    JayThaTruth5 months ago

    This Literally Hell 🔥💀🔥!6!

  70. DK BigMac

    DK BigMac5 months ago

    thuggin like its legal

  71. Glizzy vu

    Glizzy vu5 months ago


  72. GlockKay

    GlockKay5 months ago

    JULIO needs to blow🔥❗️

  73. Robert Stoudt

    Robert Stoudt5 months ago


  74. Jacori YT

    Jacori YT5 months ago

    Damn Ksoo Caught Lil9 As Slippin

  75. Wok Son

    Wok Son5 months ago

    Shout out Alle filmz

  76. J Moneyy

    J Moneyy5 months ago

    Ppl in da comments talm like dey part of da war💀

  77. OhiomadeJay

    OhiomadeJay5 months ago

    foolio don’t know nothing ab the cincy scamming

  78. Streetz J.B.E

    Streetz J.B.E5 months ago

    Killed it 💯💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Jadonna Simmons

    Jadonna Simmons5 months ago

    Foolio do t gave up at all

  80. Jadonna Simmons

    Jadonna Simmons5 months ago

    Rip his bro

  81. Nick Orr

    Nick Orr5 months ago

    Straight fire as usual smokin then opps

  82. Abel Noyola

    Abel Noyola5 months ago

    Bruh on God u quando my twins please spare brother he's just like us

  83. Ds Av

    Ds Av5 months ago

    Can tell you listen to Detroit music 💪🏽💪🏽

  84. Smooth

    Smooth5 months ago

    I play this errtime I see it on USlikes cuz my nigga deserves to blow up... #SoUnderrated #Should'veBeenAtaMillionViews

  85. iTzDrxp Psycho

    iTzDrxp Psycho5 months ago


  86. Lil Mijae

    Lil Mijae5 months ago

    My heart Keyshia Cole but you know I’m not no sings

  87. Romaine Officer

    Romaine Officer5 months ago

    Killed it

  88. DatBotStormzy

    DatBotStormzy5 months ago

    he needs to put this on Spotify so when im playing MW I can bump to dis heat 🔥

  89. jeffson zeus

    jeffson zeus5 months ago

    Dis boy too hard 💤😈🌴🤟💯💨

  90. Yfn Chandler

    Yfn Chandler5 months ago

    Is He Folks ?

  91. RG Hundo

    RG Hundo5 months ago

    Look up RG Hundo 🔥🔥🔥 Next Florida rapper

  92. rsavage177

    rsavage1775 months ago

    Son flow silly 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥

  93. SmkThatCaliKush Fresh

    SmkThatCaliKush Fresh5 months ago


  94. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix5 months ago


  95. Danthony Williams

    Danthony Williams5 months ago


  96. Sycho Greedy

    Sycho Greedy5 months ago

    "Stolen Cars Tinted They Don't know who fucking in it 💂🏾‍♂️ hunnit Shots 💥 out that roof when we MF spinning"🔥🔥🔥6 always Applying pressuraaa 💯 keep stepping on Necks ‼️

  97. price tag narcos

    price tag narcos5 months ago

  98. Markel Price

    Markel Price5 months ago


  99. Peep Mygreenz-

    Peep Mygreenz-5 months ago

    I ain’t gd but I put on for my hood like a rolling 60s 🥶

  100. big jondo

    big jondo5 months ago


  101. Jungkook

    Jungkook5 months ago

    Start selling merchandise on your page

  102. Flocka G

    Flocka G5 months ago

    803 in the building GangGang 🔊🌃⛽️🎶🦈🌊💵🎧

  103. G Dom Nolen

    G Dom Nolen5 months ago


  104. Aja Nwidag

    Aja Nwidag5 months ago

    I'm glad he cleared that up. He screamed 6 so much I thought he was GD

  105. Lilcapper22 Hammers

    Lilcapper22 HammersMonth ago

    He threw up gd in a music video with zaytoven

  106. Bk xay

    Bk xay5 months ago

    🤣 they say 74 6ut got a 6-point star ✡️ so that’s understandable

  107. Bk xay

    Bk xay5 months ago

    I put on for my neigh6orhood like I’m RollxN 60’s 🔥 👍🏾✌🏾

  108. Frank Peterson

    Frank Peterson5 months ago

    At 52 seconds it get disrespectful 😂

  109. Ar'Quel Smith

    Ar'Quel Smith5 months ago

    Post Project 🔥6️⃣

  110. ram baby

    ram baby5 months ago

    boy snapped🔥