Foolio “SRT/StolenCar” FT 1017BigScarr


  1. Sam Colon

    Sam Colon16 days ago

    You done stole a whole bar from Dex

  2. Yung Jit

    Yung Jit25 days ago

    Music video bih😤

  3. Pressuregotit

    PressuregotitMonth ago

    Shit shoulda been hit a mil blackball my nigga😂😂💯🔥🔥

  4. Isaiah Gutierrez

    Isaiah GutierrezMonth ago

    Did he jus say jack him out his sperm 😂 Diss song fye doee

  5. PTSD 3

    PTSD 32 months ago

    “Dat fo get back”🤐

  6. Nayon Ingram

    Nayon Ingram2 months ago

    Big Nate I listen to foolio💯🤙🏽⛽️

  7. Florida boi941

    Florida boi9412 months ago

    Foolio slept onnn he should be past alm these rappers💯

  8. ‼️Glockies Pandemic‼️

    ‼️Glockies Pandemic‼️2 months ago

    Who there for julio

  9. yungbagchaser

    yungbagchaser2 months ago

    feature imma drop bandz

  10. Rap Flims

    Rap Flims2 months ago

    Keep going

  11. NFL E’DOGG

    NFL E’DOGG2 months ago


  12. Jay Gaston

    Jay Gaston2 months ago


  13. 1krandom 864

    1krandom 8642 months ago

    Bra ain't nobody better then scarr he be snapping

  14. Kameron Dumais

    Kameron Dumais2 months ago

    tik toks gonna ruin this

  15. Twan Rivers

    Twan Rivers2 months ago


  16. unreleased music

    unreleased music3 months ago

    idc idc foolio best song nd my favorite 😭

  17. Lul Uptown

    Lul Uptown3 months ago

    ESPNNN 🖤

  18. Vontae got bandz.8

    Vontae got bandz.83 months ago


  19. Trapkidd Dj

    Trapkidd Dj3 months ago

    Niggas sleeping on this it pose to been hit a mill👀🔥🔥

  20. Sam Productions

    Sam Productions3 months ago


  21. Mark Berry

    Mark Berry3 months ago

    Collab I ain’t know I needed

  22. NBA Deano

    NBA Deano3 months ago

    Athentic flow I'm fwu

  23. PlayBoy Jit

    PlayBoy Jit3 months ago

    Me Nd Foolio would kill sum shyt , Listen to my mixtape Nd tell me I’m cappin

  24. Miyon Joj

    Miyon Joj3 months ago


  25. Nautica Mcccready

    Nautica Mcccready3 months ago


  26. B Keith

    B Keith3 months ago


  27. Karl Gordon

    Karl Gordon3 months ago

    🔥 fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. M3akin Hitz

    M3akin Hitz3 months ago


  29. Cory Moreno

    Cory Moreno3 months ago

    Before 1mill views like dis ❤️

  30. iBxndz

    iBxndz3 months ago

    I heard the snippet I had to wait on this

  31. Daveinthecutt

    Daveinthecutt3 months ago


  32. Emerson Jackman

    Emerson Jackman3 months ago


  33. 4BG Ent.

    4BG Ent.3 months ago

    Didn’t think we would hear this collab 🔥🔥

  34. Tyshawn Shaw

    Tyshawn Shaw3 months ago


  35. Leon Mckoy

    Leon Mckoy3 months ago

    Been waiting on this 🔥🔥

  36. Grim Stackz

    Grim Stackz3 months ago

    Who else here for Big scar🔥

  37. 1wayymari

    1wayymari3 months ago

    He diss ace in every song

  38. Jathan Aaron

    Jathan Aaron3 months ago

    Thank godd no morreee snippettttt😂😂😂

  39. JUNIOR

    JUNIOR3 months ago

    Shii go🔥💯

  40. Yrn Zay

    Yrn Zay3 months ago

    yessir foolio

  41. PCN JAYY

    PCN JAYY3 months ago


  42. Aiden 2k

    Aiden 2k3 months ago


  43. K3

    K33 months ago

    He finally dropped it

  44. Derek Flores

    Derek Flores3 months ago

    My God the Florida grim reaper !!!!

  45. Ondre Decembre

    Ondre Decembre3 months ago


  46. Deejay

    Deejay3 months ago

    Dis Finna hit a mil

  47. grinch

    grinch3 months ago

    Foolio is gonna go up

  48. Roxkoutt_Marr TTG

    Roxkoutt_Marr TTG3 months ago

    Turn up 🎱🖤😈

  49. Logan Mackie

    Logan Mackie3 months ago

    Yeen learn from all that dissin this that June 5th sh!!t😭😭🤮

  50. Nba Mania Productions Highlights

    Nba Mania Productions HighlightsMonth ago

    @• THREAT• what happened

  51. • THREAT•

    • THREAT•2 months ago

    Real Kta fans know what happened June 5th 2018😂😂

  52. Jay Gaston

    Jay Gaston2 months ago

    On God He blanked

  53. Jove Tory

    Jove Tory3 months ago


  54. Colby Berger

    Colby Berger3 months ago

    Played with bro on cod last week

  55. leeeKeB

    leeeKeB3 months ago



    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago

    SRTs and stolen cars😁🔥🔥🔥🔥


    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥u put both of da snippets together 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    TAKEOVERLEO3 months ago


  59. 1738 The Squad

    1738 The Squad3 months ago


  60. 1738 The Squad

    1738 The Squad3 months ago

    This one gon be the one off the tape Ik it👀☝🏽

  61. Leah M

    Leah M3 months ago


  62. iso mas

    iso mas3 months ago


  63. Jacob Bucknell

    Jacob Bucknell3 months ago


  64. Keavery Reed

    Keavery Reed3 months ago

    Hell Yeah 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯😈😈

  65. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz3 months ago

    Change the name to either SRT or Stolen Car

  66. K ebk Lito

    K ebk Lito3 months ago

    This tht shit on broo🔥


    DHARYL ATK3 months ago

    You scared Of Yungeen ace Thats My Boy Fuck KTA im being Atk

  68. kashhh1k kilo

    kashhh1k kilo3 months ago

    Slattt shit 😈😈🔥🔥🔥

  69. elijah rodriquez

    elijah rodriquez3 months ago

    Fr who else up bumpin making yo neighbors mad af😂

  70. marcus camby

    marcus camby3 months ago FIEEEE🔥🔥 Fmfjirrir

  71. Rap Flims

    Rap Flims3 months ago

    On broo

  72. Carlos Mariscal

    Carlos Mariscal3 months ago

    I do that everyday in general😭😭👐🏼

  73. Mr Baker

    Mr Baker3 months ago

    Shit boutta get hectic ova hea i got the blocc shakin 🔥😂

  74. Maleek Brandon

    Maleek Brandon3 months ago

    shii fire

  75. Gpoppa6ix Gaming

    Gpoppa6ix Gaming3 months ago

    Anigga fw foolio

  76. ATRAiN904

    ATRAiN9043 months ago

    Duval winning right now lets go check my yt but foolio you slidin lets go 💪🎯✔

  77. D6UNTE

    D6UNTE3 months ago

    Fye asf🔥

  78. Ayo Dinero

    Ayo Dinero3 months ago

    Who else up listening to Julio Foolio? 🔥🤔

  79. BBB Gg

    BBB GgMonth ago


  80. 420 Gaming

    420 Gaming2 months ago


  81. marcus camby

    marcus camby3 months ago FIEEEE🔥🔥 Tmtjfjriidir

  82. big pop shotta

    big pop shotta3 months ago

    I was listening to that pyso superstar at first

  83. lam chip

    lam chip3 months ago

    Me zoe shit

  84. 2pfull nari

    2pfull nari3 months ago

    First one this shit fye🔌💈🚬

  85. Mykal From West Orlando

    Mykal From West Orlando3 months ago

    florida shi

  86. Fly Jay

    Fly Jay3 months ago