Foolio “Gangsta Cry” Official Video

"Love Me Like I'm Dead" on all platforms


  1. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon Lopez13 days ago

    Julio foolio next up

  2. Cee Note

    Cee Note14 days ago


  3. Shamar Skitz

    Shamar Skitz20 days ago

    You music raw af jit 🔥

  4. Cody Lawson

    Cody Lawson23 days ago



    ALL CITY MEECHMonth ago

    prying for my brothers amen yes lord

  6. smexz Gaming

    smexz GamingMonth ago

    Which the singing jhit now 😂😂😂.

  7. Kdawg #Louisi-Animal

    Kdawg #Louisi-AnimalMonth ago


  8. Delaine Matthews

    Delaine MatthewsMonth ago

    This how i feel

  9. Kevzinoo

    KevzinooMonth ago


  10. Tniyra Bigham

    Tniyra BighamMonth ago


  11. larry blue jr.

    larry blue jr.Month ago

    The whole time was riding wit the opp

  12. Jonathan Sutton

    Jonathan SuttonMonth ago

    Walk young man walk 🚶🏾‍♂️🔥. I can vibe this nigga no matter what mood I’m in. He always make me reminisce I miss my niggas fr 😈

  13. Tyler Thomas

    Tyler ThomasMonth ago

    “Sangin ass jitt”....

  14. Drew Rich

    Drew RichMonth ago

    Engineered by me!

  15. Jesse Savannah

    Jesse SavannahMonth ago

    Drop the lyrics

  16. to_raw marion

    to_raw marionMonth ago

    i’m talking pain boy u gotta feel this shit

  17. John Polk

    John PolkMonth ago

    so underrated

  18. jhamari wright

    jhamari wrightMonth ago

    julio foolio

  19. jhamari wright

    jhamari wrightMonth ago


  20. saturnecoreyy

    saturnecoreyyMonth ago


  21. John Jacobs

    John Jacobs2 months ago

    Northside Duval County frfr

  22. Aneudi Terrero

    Aneudi Terrero2 months ago

    Yooooooooooo she go hard💪💯🔥


    DOPENESS 1K2 months ago


  24. JSLICEツ

    JSLICEツ2 months ago

    Glad ive been here for 2 1/2 yrs bros finna blow up 🚫🧢

  25. slum rose

    slum rose2 months ago

    4TH MAFIA 4EVA🖕🏾😈

  26. Kimbyyy

    Kimbyyy2 months ago


  27. Juan Hutson

    Juan Hutson2 months ago

    Fw some other songs by cuh but this ain’t it

  28. King Taz

    King Taz2 months ago

    Damm 6ix 🔥😈👹

  29. Daniel Perotti

    Daniel Perotti2 months ago

    Why doesnt this have 10 million views yet

  30. Mr Deeds

    Mr Deeds2 months ago

    It ain't no pick and chosen living ruthless until they take the child 🔥

  31. Simara Williams

    Simara Williams2 months ago


  32. ‼️Glockies Pandemic‼️

    ‼️Glockies Pandemic‼️2 months ago

    Most underrated but most consistent in Florida

  33. Daniel Perotti

    Daniel Perotti2 months ago

    Most underrated 🎯🎯🎯

  34. Camgetfresh 10

    Camgetfresh 102 months ago


  35. kirkland jayden

    kirkland jayden2 months ago

    Been here since crooks

  36. 434_Va

    434_Va2 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Florida most slept on 4sho

  37. Olivia Jenkins

    Olivia Jenkins2 months ago

    I love you boo

  38. Lit Tit

    Lit Tit2 months ago

    Your mom would of been proud bro keep up the grind💯

  39. King capalot

    King capalot2 months ago


  40. HeathenDeluxe

    HeathenDeluxe2 months ago

    So he gonna get on Yungeen for singing but he trying to be Vandross on this bitch.

  41. yung R.A

    yung R.A2 months ago


  42. Silkypooo Wit da glock

    Silkypooo Wit da glock2 months ago

    If you wanna ride den get in ♊️🗣

  43. zoe stunna

    zoe stunna2 months ago

    Zoe snap str8 pressure

  44. ZayTan

    ZayTan2 months ago

    Foolio: Gangsta-Sad-Gangsta-Back to sad

  45. Jamaiya smith

    Jamaiya smith3 months ago

    Yes lord

  46. Jamaiya smith

    Jamaiya smith3 months ago

    No justice no peace more this song fire

  47. jahni mason

    jahni mason3 months ago


  48. lil wavy_bd

    lil wavy_bd3 months ago

    On 4nem you fire fuck ATK🤧☠️


    WHODAT SAINTS3 months ago


  50. KidJaywrld• TV

    KidJaywrld• TV3 months ago

    Just asked Who from Jacksonville Florida I’m from Jacksonville but I move to Arkansas

  51. Prynce Al

    Prynce Al2 months ago

    Its a Jacksonville, Arkansas as well but i got u Duval mode!!

  52. KidJaywrld• TV

    KidJaywrld• TV3 months ago

    I ready to the yesterday Thing hard love🖤

  53. Kiem Davis

    Kiem Davis3 months ago

    Yea this you @foolio

  54. Spinbin_Zay

    Spinbin_Zay3 months ago


  55. [ ]

    [ ]3 months ago

    Aye this junk hard but ion fw the singing shit

  56. Gawalla uno

    Gawalla uno3 months ago

    I’m antisocial I don’t wanna motherfucking fit in say you gone ride den get in

  57. Dre Osama

    Dre Osama3 months ago

    I love yu gang

  58. Sam Productions

    Sam Productions3 months ago


  59. audrey20061

    audrey200613 months ago

    Cadence on the hook, all juice wrld...

  60. G underscore

    G underscore3 months ago


  61. Devon Sebro

    Devon Sebro3 months ago


  62. Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more

    Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more3 months ago

    Get out of satan system and get in God system before its to late ⏳

  63. Christian Queen

    Christian QueenMonth ago

    Jesus **

  64. Christian Queen

    Christian QueenMonth ago

    May God bless you all along with your families Jesu, and God love you unconditionally

  65. Christian Queen

    Christian QueenMonth ago

    This is true thanks for sharing I'm having problems with turning to God completely may you please help me

  66. Joe Cardosi

    Joe Cardosi3 months ago

    Foolio going up

  67. VEED

    VEED3 months ago

    Oh yeah you fucking snapped💯🐐

  68. BigSteppa30deep

    BigSteppa30deep3 months ago

    Song hard but Remember when youngboy had him sacred 😂😂😂😂 and his home boys

  69. Deetheloner

    Deetheloner3 months ago

    Sacred 😂😂😂 u didn’t spell that right

  70. Bino

    Bino3 months ago

    Foolio >>> Ace & Ksoo

  71. Quatavious Pettigrew

    Quatavious Pettigrew3 months ago

    My guy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Jack Mack

    Jack Mack3 months ago

    Yea Jit focus on talent this will go down as a classic

  73. Ignacio Hernandez

    Ignacio Hernandez3 months ago

    He smoke skante at the park and get on live

  74. reapa064

    reapa0643 months ago


  75. SheLuv Msg

    SheLuv Msg3 months ago

    Been slappin bro he blowin up now⛽️⛽️⛽️

  76. Jonathan Santiago

    Jonathan Santiago3 months ago

    Foolio all these niggas you one of the most gangsta rappers in this shit

  77. The Hustle

    The Hustle3 months ago

    This the best song off the album fosho

  78. Ivan 336

    Ivan 3363 months ago

    Keep it real i might now fw all of foolio songs but he be spitting real shit in all his songs that shit comes from the heart he a real one


    DOPENESS 1K3 months ago

    😯🗣🔥🔥👌🏽🤞🏽💤💨Big 6 Foolio

  80. Ulises Lara

    Ulises Lara3 months ago

    This shit hard but we ain’t doin that singing shit foolio😂

  81. Loner

    Loner3 months ago


  82. Jermaine Townsend

    Jermaine Townsend3 months ago


  83. David Kilgore

    David Kilgore3 months ago

    I can’t breathe help me George Floyd no justice no peace no peace more war🔥🔥🔥


    GODSPEED3 months ago

    Denzel no curry

  85. Gawalla uno

    Gawalla uno3 months ago

    Dam this shit so real bro was really crying only a gangsta can tell shout out fooly

  86. The life of naynay

    The life of naynay3 months ago


  87. The life of naynay

    The life of naynay3 months ago


  88. Zaderrick Fewell

    Zaderrick Fewell3 months ago

    That boy 6 really turn up every time 👿👿👿💪🏿💯

  89. Jauron Wallace

    Jauron Wallace3 months ago


  90. Nlmb _billy

    Nlmb _billy3 months ago

    Plss dnt ever sing again u and y dead ass wrong fir dropping this after 3 of yo dawfs jus died

  91. Chris Sidverson

    Chris Sidverson3 months ago


  92. Jakeba gang gang Lulu

    Jakeba gang gang Lulu3 months ago

    He ay foolio

  93. J May

    J May3 months ago

    Juice foolie

  94. HBK 223

    HBK 2233 months ago

    I fuck with foolio but he recycles a lot of lines. This tape probably the worse one. The last 1 was way better

  95. Anthony1k _

    Anthony1k _3 months ago

    🐐 🐐🐐🐐

  96. LilRondo 4CH

    LilRondo 4CH3 months ago


  97. Leading scorer Smith'

    Leading scorer Smith'3 months ago

    Chorus came ynw melly you tooooo hard la bitch🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. Oscar Vandall

    Oscar Vandall3 months ago

    This ain it foolio 🤝 drop sum shit like m1 again, shit hard af

  99. Lamarcus Hotboy

    Lamarcus Hotboy3 months ago

    My brother was trying to kill me that mean that I was riding with opps‼️💯

  100. Elijah Little

    Elijah Little3 months ago

    That singing gave me rock star vibes

  101. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia3 months ago

    Foolio really needa b recognized for his versatility 🗣

  102. Florida Drill Music

    Florida Drill Music3 months ago

    Need some 6 x BigMurda Collabs bro or tape

  103. Gottieros

    Gottieros3 months ago

    shit doo doo

  104. Cam Allen

    Cam Allen3 months ago

    been here since "fucc that"👿

  105. Bbg Cici

    Bbg Cici3 months ago

    THE REAL GOAT🐐🐐🐐🔥🤍🤍